Rules for Success - Part 1

While reading Art Calendar magazine I found this list of Rules for Success.

Some ideas you may have heard of before, and some you many not have, but I wanted to share the list with you, to help you generate new ideas to grow your business.

To get the most out of the list I am going to break it up into two posts, half today and half tomorrow.

Rules for Success part 1

Create a Master Plan - Do you have a plan for your business? Here are a couple of posts to help you get started. Creative Planning and Passion Statement.

Set Goals and make the commitments - Need a few ideas to get your list started check out Creative Goal Writing.

Keep yourself motivated through visual stimulation - Create a dream book or collage with images of the things you dream of. This past Saturday I wrote a post called Dream Journal with ideas for creating your own.

Think like a CEO and delegate tedious tasks - There are intern programs at high schools and collages where students work for experience. This is a great way to get all your tasks done and still have time to create.

Tell your story with passion - It's important to share why you create, your experiences, and your passion for creating with everyone. The post Whats your story his tips for developing your story.

Permanently erase destructive self-fulfilling prophesies - Change the way you refer to yourself as a artists, and a business person. Instead of saying "I am a artist not a business person" try "I am a creative artrepreneur". Instead of "I am a poor starving artist" try "I create and attract abundance". See how changing the way you refer to yourself will make you a more positive person.

Take responsibility - Catch yourself when you are making excuses or blaming others. Taking responsibility will help you to correct the problem and get things done.

Feed your relationships daily - Build new relationships often and take care of existing ones.

Be prepared for success - Never leave your house without business cards, be prepared to talk about your business, and build strong business relationships. Do you always forget your business cards? Here is a tip so you always have cards with you - Business Cards

Follow your passion, not the market - Focus on creating your best work then determined the best marketing plan. Earlier this year I had a blog post called Do you Love Everything you Create, that talked about creating what you love versus creating to make money, it turned into a great discussion, make sure you check out the comments.

Consider artists as allies not competitors - Try not to compare yourself to other artists or shops, treat other artists the way you want to be treated.

Check out the rest of the list tomorrow. More info, tips, and practices for a successful business.
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  1. Great post! Good things to remember and live by!

  2. The relationship one is so hard! Sometimes I don't ever want to meet a new person again because it is so difficult to be good to those I already know. It's never ending!

  3. Thanks for these, really good advice. Your tip to erase destructive self-fulfilling prophecies reminds me of this print I love in Marisa Haedike's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/42912985/i-am-a-thriving-artist

    Words to live by!


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