Artist Inspirations - PopTopLady

Today I have Claudia the PopTopLady sharing her story about working with recycled pop tops to create beautiful accessories. I am so glad to have Claudia as a guest blogger, I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did.
Thanks Claudia for sharing!

Looks Like Sea Glass Pull Tab Necklace
Pop Top Lady

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.
I am a Brazilian national. I have lived in North America since 1993, first in Canada, then in the US. I have relocated to Houston after Katrina claimed our home in New Orleans. I teach 6th and 7th grade Science, but crafts are my second passion...maybe first, then teaching...or...there is my husband and my daughter...oh well...this is tough all of a sudden! I like to draw, spend time with my daughter and husband (not as much as they would like me to) and do needlework.

A while ago, I took to incorporating recycled soda pull tabs into my crochet and fell in love with the possibilities...

Gold Pull Tab Cuff Bracelet
Why and how did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed materials?
Crochet with pop tops is a very popular craft in my home country, Brazil. I always loved to crochet and how it allows you to go from something very "patterned" to total free form. In one of my trips back home, my sister shared a pull-tab crochet technique she learned from a patient (she's an occupational therapist) and we made a tiny backpack-shaped coin purse (like this: mistura-dartes.blogspot.com/2010/04/mochila-de-lacres-e-croche.html). Since then, I have not only amassed tons of tabs, but all kinds of textiles, yarn, chord and accessories to use in my crochet (I buy old purses at the resale shops to recycle zippers, metal parts, magnet clasps, linings, straps). I have always been very environmentally conscious and grew up in a relatively poor country where you don't throw stuff in the trash unless it is completely useless, which made me the pack rat I am today.

CAMO Pull Tab Coasters Set of 6
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
It started as a hobby, but then I had to do something with my creations so that I could keep on creating... That's how I started selling them. I started selling to friends, then on Ebay but I got very frustrated, because it seemed to me that people wanted bargains and that's not what I was selling. One day I read an article about Etsy. It was just starting and I found my marketplace....

Touch of Gold Pull Tab Purse 
What is your favorite thing about creating/designing?
Completely immersing myself in it so that I do not think about my other responsibilities. Creating is such a mental hygiene for me...almost addictive.

You can find Claudia online at:
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Childhood Passion Grownup Inspiration

My parents were visiting, well passing through on their way home from Florida, this past weekend and as usual we started talking about the the stuff we used to do as a family when I was young.

When I was growing up every year we would take a vacation by car across county.  We had so much fun, and I had the opportunity to see 48 of our beautiful states, and Canada.  The reason we were talking about this is because my sister and I are leaving on our road trip from Chicago to Myrtle Beach this Sunday and we were talking about the cost of the trip.

My dad told me that back in the early 70's we would take a 2 - 3 week vacations, for a family of 5, and it would cost about $300 - $350.  For my sister and I's trip we are going to have to double that just for gas, but I am trying not to  think about it, I am really looking forward to getting away.

Now this is not what I wanted to talk about today, so let me get back on track.  My mom was telling stories about all the stuff my sister, brother and I used to collect.

I was really into rocks!  I mean really into them.  I had to get rocks from all of our stops, and my mom was talking about how my collection used to weigh the van down.  Hearing that brought up lots of memories of collecting those rocks, and the collection I had. I still love rocks today!

I think my love of rocks as a child led me to jewelry making.  I love working with all types of gemstones and lake stones when I am creating.

What did you collect or were passionate about when you were young that still inspires you today?

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Be Inspired - Aluminum Cans

Words to Inspire

In creativity there is as much, if not more, to be gained from the journey as there is from reaching the destination.
Quote from A Thousand Paths to Creativity by David Baird

Idea to Inspire

Put one less can in recycle today and create something beautiful.

Photos to Inspire

The aluminum can is recycled everyday, amazingly the photographers on Flickr have turned the aluminum can into art. These photos have great texture, shapes, and shine, I hope you find them as inspirational as I do.

Sweat by Nick Quackenbush

aluminum can
aluminum can by itchys

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Cans by Open Seas

aluminum by the woodstove
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Clean Green

I am thrilled to have Melinda from Simply Smitten back with more facts and ideas to go green. If you missed her last post Two Simple Earth Friendly Ideas check out! Today Melinda shares information that will make you want to make real changes about the way you clean your house.
Thanks Melinda for sharing! 

While fear can often be the catalyst for change, it will never be the sustaining force behind any true and lasting life decisions, its energy is simply too low. For myself, however, I’ve found the easy motivation for permanent change ~ knowledge. If you’re anything like I was, you probably assume that the cleaning products you buy and use daily have been deemed safe by some well meaning branch of government that has your safety first and foremost. Based on the information I’ve accrued over the past several years, this is simply not so if your choices are to be truly earth friendly ones. A simple search of ingredients found in say, traditional air fresheners, reveals that they contain a wide array of dangerous chemicals, creating toxic indoor air. While it’s easy to get angry, I’ve found this is highly ineffective at creating change. I continue to choose the information route. Research, read, dig, learn. What you’ll find may surprise you.

Earth Friendly Lemongrass Cleaner
The safest, most non-toxic and green alternatives have been here all along. A box of baking soda. A bottle of white vinegar. Lemon juice. Remember that with each dollar that you spend, you cast a vote. Those companies that produce the chemical laden cleaners continue to do so because we’re buying them. If we stop purchasing, they’re going to find out exactly what we are buying, and alter their products accordingly. So, being ever mindful of not choosing a fearful approach, I invite you to read through the following information. Decide for yourself whether or not a change is necessary in how you approach cleaning, and move ahead. Not in fear, but with purpose. (If you do decide to dump the cleaners as I did, please check with your local town hall. Many are considered toxic waste and not recommended to be thrown in the trash!)

Some dangerous chemicals found in many glass cleaners

Severely corrosive
Dangerous to the eyes
Can burn the skin and is very harmful to inhale

Ethylene glycol
Irritant of the skin and lungs
Severe irritant of the eyes
Very harmful to inhale
Reproductive hazard
Hazardous to the environment

Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach)
Severe irritant of the eyes, skin and lungs
May cause burning of the skin
Irreversible eye injury
Inhalation may cause severe lung damage
Mixed with ammonia will create deadly fumes

Petroleum distillates
Irritants of the eyes, skin and lungs
May damage the central and peripheral nervous systems and respiratory system
Very harmful to inhale
May cause dizziness and loss of coordination

A Green Solution – Window Cleaner
1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
½ tsp Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap
8 drops clove bud essential oil (naturally antiseptic, repels ants)
Mix ingredients in an empty, clean spray bottle & clean windows as usual

Earth friendly recipes in purse
Dangerous chemicals found in floor cleaners

Ammonium hydroxide
Irritant of the eyes, nose, throat, skin and lungs
Causes irreparable damage to the respiratory tract
Hazardous to aquatic ecosystems

Dipropylene glycol methyl ether
Highly toxic compound
Severe irritant of the eyes, nose and throat
May have reproductive and developmental effects
Possibly damaging to the central nervous system
Hazardous to the environment

Irritant of the eyes, skin and lungs
Can be absorbed through the skin
Prolonged exposure can damage liver, kidneys, lymphatic system,
blood and blood-forming organs

A Green Solution- Floor Cleaner
2 gallons hot water
1 cup white vinegar
1 tbsp earth friendly dish soap
12 drops tea tree essential oil (natural solvent, kills germs & bacteria, antiseptic,
disinfectant, antifungal)
Mix well in bucket and mop as usual

Air Freshener eco-friendly lavender mist
Those are just a couple of the dangerous ingredients found in many commercial window cleaners and floor cleaners. I’ve found the green solutions are not only easy, but inexpensive as well. Baking soda and vinegar serve many purposes in my home and are far cheaper than their chemical counterparts. And if you’re looking for an easy all natural air freshener, try simmering a pot of water, plus 1 tsp of cinnamon on the stovetop. It’ll fill your home with the warm, soothing scent of cinnamon, naturally.

Happy Green Cleaning!

Peace ~ Melinda

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Green Ideas for Desk Organization

One of my favorite blog contributors Pam Moore from Open Space is back with some easy ideas to recycle and decorate your office/studio at the same time.  
Thanks for sharing these tips Pam!

How many jars do you put in the recycle bin a month? Jars vary in size and shape, which makes them ideal desk accessories.

By simply recycling the lid and removing the labels (soak boiling water), your jars quickly become the perfect reusable desk accessory.

Small jars (baby food) – paper clips, binder clips, push pins and tacks
Medium jars (jam or jelly) – rubber bands, staples and binder clips
Large jars (pickles) – pencils, pens, felt tip markers and highlighters
X-large jars (pasta sauce) – markers, highlighters, scissor and ruler

Create a vase with unique shapes
Soda bottles – one stem flower
Pace picante sauce – small bunch of fresh or wild flowers
Mason jar – float a candle

♦ Create a picture frame by printing a color copy of photo and place it inside the jar on one side
♦ Decorate the jar by adding a splash of color
♦ Tie a ribbon around the neck
♦ Glue a snug fitting piece of scrap paper around the body
♦ Use beads, marbles, coffee beans or sand in the bottom

Lastly, mix the jars by function and height and create clusters. Place the jars on an under utilized platter for dimension and easy cleaning. When it’s time to move the jars to create more space for a project or to clean, simply lift the platter with all of the jars on it, set it aside and replace when finished.

How would you use a jars to organize?

Pam Moore
Open Space
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Recycled Journals

I love journals!  I have a collection of journals that I have never used cause I don't want to mess them up.  I know that's crazy, but they are just to cool to write use.

I spend time every now and then checking out all the cool journals on Etsy.  Today I have a collection of journals by Etsy artists created with recycled materials.  All of them have a little something different to offer, check out there shops to see all their amazing creations.

Eco Art Journal by bellavioletta
Notebook and or Coloring Book cereal by Departika
Zig Zag wood modern black journal bound art by bound2last
Recycled Spiral Notebook 8.5x11 Journal by SlightlyEmbellished
Rustic Eco Journal in Teal Vegan Hemp and Recycled Rubber with pen holder by NaturesCubbyhole
Do you collect beautiful journals?

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Artist Inspirations - 5th Season

When I saw 5th Season's work on Etsy and read her story I knew she would be perfect for the Artist Inspiration series going green month on Everyday Inspired.  Her bags are super cute and very well made.  I am thrilled to have Akiko as a guest blogger today to share her inspiring story.
Thanks Akiko for being a guest blogger!

Upcycled tote Grocery bag Everyday Bag Book Bag
5th Season

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.
My name is Akiko and I started a business called 5th Season: Clothing Reborn, where discarded clothing and textiles are innovatively and artistically transformed into fashionable, 100% hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind bags in an effort to divert trash from the landfill. Didn't someone once say, “One man's trash is another man's treasure”? ;) Well, at 5th Season, we literally practice that through our creations. Through our creations, we hope to resonate the importance of reducing our consumption and waste by challenging each other to creatively look at consumer products beyond their original intended purposes.

The name '5th Season' was chosen to signify that discarded material can enjoy yet another season – reincarnated, upcycled and refashioned into something new and unique.

Our product line covers messenger bags, makeup bags, totes, shoulder bags, hip pouches, electronic sleeves, diaper bags... I am always designing and creating new products and am open to input!

Upcycled clutch Makeup bag Pencil bag  
Why and how did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed materials?
I grew up in a household that didn't produce much waste. My parents reuse and reuse and reuse and then reuse some more ;) They aren't big consumers. They turn whatever they already have into whatever they need. Some recent examples: they wanted a bench, so my father felled the dead aspen in his backyard and made it out of that; my mother wanted planter boxes, so my father planed old fence boards and made a whole bunch; my mother wanted some plant wires for her sweet peas, so she wove together some grape vine trimmings from my father's vineyard; my father wanted a water filtering system for his pond, so he “MacGyver'ed” old egg crates and a cracked plastic bin and made one.

Growing up and watching my parents fulfill their needs this way, I learned to be resourceful and creative about fulfilling my own needs. This influence began at a very young age. Instead of LEGOs, my brothers and I had a box of old toilet paper cores, egg cartons, milk jugs, kamaboko wooden blocks and other clean trash to create with – it was awesome! I was also taught to sew at a young age by my grandmother and mother. They are both very talented sewers/creators. My grandmother takes scraps of fabric, paper, thread and whatever other “trash” she finds and creates wonderful pouches, jewelry, figurines and apparel out of them. She is incredibly talented and dedicated to her work. She's 88 and still busting her butt! My father is also very handy and is always creating and fixing. He has always been this way. When he was only 7, he rummaged through junk yards and built himself a radio. I absolutely love that. The determination and discipline to work for what you want. So I think it was a natural progression for me. My “reuse everything”/“don't you dare waste anything” upbringing + acquired sewing skills + innate enthusiasm to create = 5th Season.

iPad sleeve Upcycled Recycled Burlap Circle appliqués
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
The first time I made an upcycled bag was when I needed a yoga mat bag. I remembered I had some old pants that I no longer wore. Bam. I turned one leg into the body and the other leg into an adjustable strap.

I know that it is my privilege, not my right, to produce waste and then stash it in someone else's backyard. At the end of each school year, year after year, seeing dumpsters brimming with “trash” and whole apartment parking lots turning into a land of disposals, I felt rather overwhelmed to take some sort of action against it. Through 5th Season, I feel like I am contributing as a sustainable consumer by not only repurposing for my own use but providing alternative products for my customers. It's heartwarming to know that what I create was born out of something that was deemed useless...like I rescued something and gave it new life. It's quite personal for me.

Upcycled medium messenger bag Corduroy Red Floral
What is your favorite thing about creating/designing?
I realize each day that there are number of things I mindlessly take for granted. Being able to tap into my imagination and design, then create with my own two hands...that's magical. I can not take that for granted. The whole process emphasizes the need to not only be grateful for my abilities but use and share them for the good of the community. I love it.

Upcycled belt pouch Hip bag 
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/5th-Season-Clothing-Reborn/108345403315
Twitter: twitter.com/5SeasonDesigns
Website: 5thseasondesigns.com/
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/5thseason

Visit 5th Season's Etsy shop to see all of her creations.
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Check This Out...

This is a monthly post where you can share 3 things about yourself or your business. Giving us an opportunity to get to know each other and our businesses.

Suggested ideas:
-business goals or goals you have met
-books you are reading
-a new project you are starting or doing
-places you have visited
-blog posts you have enjoyed
-a post you have written that you would like to share
-new items you have added to your shop
-new materials you are working with
-family plans or an event you are excited about
-need help with an idea - ask for help

All I ask is that you are a follower of my blog to participate and that you check out a few links from the other people who leave comments.

Let me know if you have any suggestions,  ideas or questions.  You can contact me at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.
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Be Inspired - Plastic

Words to Inspire

“Creative power, is that receptive attitude of expectancy which makes a mold into which the plastic and as yet undifferentiated substance can flow and take the desired form.”
Thomas Troward

Idea to Inspire

Recycle some plastic today.  Find a unused plastic container and find a use for it in your studio, or cut up a empty plastic bottle and use it in you art.

Photos to Inspire

I love when I can find photos of everyday items that look like art.  Today's Flickr collection is full of amazing photos plastic objects

Plastic bouquet
Plastic bouquet by Rob Overcash Photography (robotography)

Plàstic de bombolles
Plàstic de bombolles by mansmith

Scrap Plastic Bits
Scrap Plastic Bits by hz536n

Plastic sunset
Plastic sunset by tasawa69
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Why you Need a House Plant in your Studio

House plants are the most sophisticated air cleaning systems around.  Plants add ambiance to any room, but they also wick away indoor air pollutants and produce fresh, clean oxygen.

The EPA estimates that indoor air is 2 to 10 time more polluted than outdoor air.  Adding a plant to the inside of your home and office is a green way to improve the atmosphere.  

Two small plants or one medium-size plant per 100 square feet will provide fresh air and healthy mold free humidity in any room.

The most effective plants for purifying indoor air include:

Bamboo palm

Chinese evergreen

Dragon tree


English ivy

Here are some benefits that plants in your indoor space provide:

♦ They manufacture fresh oxygen and remove carbon dioxide
♦ They reduce airborne chemicals and VOCs emitted by formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia
♦ They cultivate healthy levels of humidity
♦ They enhance the indoor environment and reduce stress

Go out and get yourself a plant or two for your studio/workspace. They will not only be visually pleasing, they will make the air you breath cleaner for you and the environment.

Do you have any plants in your work space?

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Must Have Green Craft Books

While preparing for this months blog posts, I checked out lots of books full of crafts and ideas for recycling.  Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.

Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts 

Green Guide for Artists:  Nontoxic Recipes, Green Art Ideas & Resources for the Eco-Conscious Artists

Craftcycle: 100+ Earth-Friendly Projects and Ideas for Everyday Living

Rubbish!:  Reuse Your Refuse

If you need a little inspiration:
1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew
I was lucky enough to get 4 pieces in this book.  You can check out this blog post to see the pages I was featured on.

These are just a few that I have enjoyed over the last month.

Do you have a book that has inspired you to recycle?
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Two Simple Earth Friendly Ideas

I am excited today to have a guest blogger, who is also a follower of the blog, share with us a few tips on living a greener lifestyle.  Melinda is not only passionate about living green, she is also an Etsy artist and you can see her amazing work in her Etsy shop .  You can also read about Melinda and her adventures of living a green lifestyle, running her business, and stories about her family on her blog Inspiration Earth - A Journey of Simplicity
Thanks Melinda for passing along these tips and information for living green!

Personally, whether or not you belive in global warming is a moot point.With all of the money and energy that’s been invested trying to prove the unprovable we could have implemented dozens, hundreds, probably thousands of smaller changes that would have made a healing difference. I think it’s obvious to most of us (no scientific study needed), that many of the choices we make everyday are harmful ones. However, instead of feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of the situation, simply shift your perspective. Much of the time we get so caught up in what we can’t do, we lose sight of what we can. Read on to discover (or rediscover)  two simple earth friendly suggestions that’ll cost you little to nothing, and make a world of difference.


Boring, right?  It’s certainly nothing new or exciting. But, if you consider that almost 34% of waste is paper (Paper!!) then you can see how taking those few extra steps to the recycle bin can make a huge difference. That’s a substantial amount of garbage that never, ever has to see the landfill. Besides which, that paper could be used to create new products, like greeting cards, cereal boxes, paper towels and newspapers, without the
needless decimation of countless trees.

• To produce each week's Sunday newspapers, 500,000 trees must be cut down.

• Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution!

These recycling facts are taken from a great website recycling-revolution.com. Click on to read many more amazing facts!  http://www.recycling-revolution.com/recycling-facts.html

• Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to light a 100w light bulb for 4 hours. ONE jar!

• Don’t throw away that aluminum can! Recycle it and save enough energy to run a television set for 3 hours! Collect them from coworkers or family, cash them in, and even make a couple dollars while you go green!

• In my home we even recycle our toothbrushes through an amazing company called Preserve. Plastics made from recycled materials use 40% less energy.  http://www.preserveproducts.com/products/personalcare.html

Recycling options vary from town to town, so call your local town hall if you’re unsure of details. Remember, those small steps do create great change!

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Flashback to the 50’s. Picture a Christmas tree, gifts galore. What are those presents wrapped in? Why comics, of course! Since we don’t get the daily paper, a year or two ago I asked my father to start saving  his comics. The kids LOVE it! Usually they hunker down and read through each and every funny before they even dig into the gift! It’s a cheap and fun way to reuse and recycle!

One thing it’s important to remember. Switching to a green lifestyle doesn’t have to happen all at once. You don’t need solar panels on your home or to be whizzing around in a teeny electric car to state your commitment to living green.

Today, pick one change. Pick something which speaks to you, or seems the easiest to factor into you life. Choose one, and do it. Practice it daily until a new habit is formed. Then pick another. In time, pick another. Before you know it you’ll look around and be amazed at all the green changes you’ve made, and how simple it really was. It’s such a gratifying feeling to know that you’ve helped the Earth to breathe a little easier.

Thanks for reading ~ have a greenly inspired day!
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Artists Inspiration - Bottlecrop

It's amazing the things that artists use to create.  Katrina is another one of those artists.  She works with glass bottles and turns them into things you can use everyday.  I was thrilled when she said she would participate in my Artists Inspiration series.  
Thank you Katrina for sharing your story with us today!

Recycled wine bottle canisters with natural corks

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.

Hi there. I'm your typical right brainer- a shy egomaniac who would do anything rather than talk about myself. Check out my "profile" on Etsy: www.etsy.com/people/bottlecrop See? However, since Everyday Inspired asked so nicely: I studied design at Pratt Institute, and I spent many years as an art director in NYC before fleeing to rural Bucks County PA, husband in hand and baby in arms. I've always been inspired and sustained by nature and bringing up children in the country has given me an incredibly happy vicarious second experience of childhood. (And my beloved organic garden)

Seed starting kit recycled glass tumblers edible
Why and how did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed materials?

think people who learn to draw are given the gift of noticing- looking at everyday things (especially living things, outdoor things) a little more closely, and that's my inspiration. It's also why I've always repurposed/recycled/upycled things- why ruin the landscape growing landfills if something can still be made useful somehow?

Recycled glasses bear bottle tumblers leaf emblem
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?

Bottlecrop evolved like this- every year I make a big batch of handmade gifts for friends and family- something that my kids can participate in. Something eco-friendly that will not add to the clutter of useless "prop" gifts that we all receive. Something that can be eaten, reused or used up. One day while loading glasses into the dishwasher I noticed the colorful light shining through an empty bottle I'd placed on the windowsill to sketch. I thought- how funny that we use glasses over and over for decades but recycle bottles after one use. (Inspiration for my Etsy "profile" poem.) I remembered cutting a glass bottle with string when I was a kid and how fun it was, so that year our gift project was glasses made from bottles, hand painted by the kids. A big hit, and the beginning of bottlecrop. I don't use string to cut the glass anymore and the kids are busy with other things, but I can't seem to stop making things out of bottles.

Terrarium in recycled wine bottle indoor garden 
What is your favorite thing about creating/designing?

My favorite thing about creating/designing? Everything. It's just what I do, and I'll never stop. Even as I write this I'm rearranging my coffee mug so the light hits it just right.

Recycled glasses from wine bottles tall green set
You can see all of Katrina work in her Etsy shop and on her website http://www.bottlecrop.com/.
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Be Inspired - Paper

Words to Inspire

What better life-wish could there be than to discover our creativity, to cultivate our creativity, and then to live from our creativity.
Quote from a Thousand Paths to Creativity by David Baird

Idea to Inspire

There are always projects to do with paper involved, we figure out what we want to do pull out the paper and we create.  Today let the paper inspire you, pull out the paper first.  After reviewing the colors, textures, and shapes, base you project around your collection of paper.

Photos to Inspire

Everyday objects can be most inspiring if you take a moment and just look at them and see what they have to offer.  Look at what these Flickr photographers have done with something we see everyday, paper, they turned it into art.

Origamido Paper
Origamido Paper by ClosedUnsink

Paper with a Twist
Paper with a Twist by wicamoo

Rain Bow (Paper Sculpture)
Rain Bow (Paper sculpture) by cobalt123

Paper by Old One Eye

papers by fsse8info
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Market Locally

Shopping locally is a great way to support members of your community, marketing locally is a great way to grow your business.

There are simple steps you can take to market and grow your business in your community.

Join your local team - on Etsy or any other selling site if you have the opportunity it's nice to be able to connect with other artists that live near you.  It is also a good way to find out about local events, networking opportunities, and gallery events.

Participate in local art and craft shows - This is a great way to get yourself known in the community, meet other artists, and of course make extra money.  doing several shows a year is how I got my business started, they were a lot of work but worth it.  I still have friends I stay in touch with that I meet back when I started doing show over 15 years ago.

Network - Don't miss out on an opportunity to market your business when you attend local events, meet with friends, or go shopping.  Join local networking groups, like parent, business owners, or artists groups.

Don't forget your social media sties and marketing your friends and family - As long as you don't do it all the time mention a sale or special you are offering on your Facebook or twitter page.

Marketing locally makes you known in your community and when someone is looking for what you sell your name will be the first name someone will share.

What do you do locally to share your business with your community?

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