Motivation Monday

Make The First Move

Winners have plans.
Losers have excuses.
Take the initiative.
Set the guidelines.
If you wait for someone else to move...
you're playing by their rules.
Be Bold
The risks are higher.
But so are the rewards.

It's Never Too Late by Patrick Lindsay

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Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holiday - Bonus Day Rework Your Space

Today's post is full of Inspiration for reworking your creative space to keep you organized and inspired.

Inspiring Spaces

Studio / Office Organization

DIY Organization Ideas

Organization screen
Mail Organizer 
Repurposed Organizer Ideas

Your creative space should reflect your personal style. You want to fill your space with things that inspire you and keep you motivated.

I hope these spaces and ideas got you thinking of ways to rework your studio/office space.

What kind of changes are you going to make to your creative space for the busy holiday season?

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Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays - Day 5 Reinspired

It has been a full week of critiquing your Etsy shop and products, and creating an action plan. Today we're going to have a little fun as we look at adding holiday elements to our shop.
Etsy Shop Banners by BestBanners
There are simple ways you can add a holiday look to your online shop
Create a holiday banner and avatar for your shop
Purchase a holiday banner and avatar for your shop via the many talented artists on Etsy
Add a holiday statement to your shop announcements
Put a holiday message on your policies page
Add a holiday statement in your message to buyers
Don't forget your about page, a holiday messages will be a nice touch. You can even add holiday related photos.
• Add holiday elements to your photos, such as greenery, ornaments, or a mini tree.
• Offer Holiday packaging and Gift Certificates 

DIY instructions
During this time of year you do as much offline marketing for your business as you do with your online shop. Here are a few offline ideas to add a holiday touch to your business.

Offline ideas
Do holiday themed packaging
Add a holiday card
Share a special treat (candy, samples, pens, buttons...)
Decorate your packaging
If you do art/craft show
Add holiday lights to your display
Offer a special treat
Decorate your booth to reflect the holidays
• Create holiday handouts with your Etsy shop info

Adding holiday touches is simple and really makes your shop stand out.

Christmas Tags by AcarrdianCards
Once your shop is all set for the holidays, it's time to start thinking about marketing. So I want to end the week with a few ideas to think about when creating your holiday marketing plan.

• Create a advertising plan - find blogs and websites you would like to advertise on and start contacting them for holiday rates.
• Get into Holiday Gift Guides - they are a great way to get your products out to a variety of people
Online Craft Fairs - check out the variety of sites that have online craft fairs during the holidays.
• Start promoting on your social networks - create a daily plan for posting on social networks.
• Plan your sales and special offers - if you plan ahead you can start marketing early.
• Start a Newsletter - to keep your customers informed about sales and promotions
• Pass out your business cards and promote your shop offline too.

Here is a short list of links to get you started on your holiday marketing plan.
Plan your holiday blog posts
Start a newsletter
Create a holiday ad campaign 
Considering advertising on Everyday Inspired - Special deal through the end of the year
Create a social media plan - where you want to post and start a list of ideas for posting
Plan your Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Want more holiday prep ideas for your Etsy shop, register for Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp starting October 7.

Christmas Tags by MarleyDesign
Now that our week is over and your Etsy shop is all ready for the holidays, I wish you one of your best holiday seasons ever! 

Tomorrow I have a bonus day post filled with ways to Rework your creative space. Lots of photos, ideas for organization, and a couple of DIY projects to inspire you.

What was your favorite part of Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays?

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Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays - Day 4 Refresh

It has been a busy week on Everyday Inspired.

You should have gone through your shop and listed all the relevant changes you want to make, took a serious look at your items, titles, descriptions, and tags, and got inspired by Lisa Jacobs from Energy shop as she shared some easy to do tips for getting your shop ready for the holidays. Today you should be ready to use all that information to create your plan.

The hard part of going through your shop is over, now it's time to set your priorities and action steps and get your shop ready for a busy holiday season.

Start by downloading and printing out as many objective (goals) forms that you will need.

Click here to download
Go through your lists and start listing the strategies you need to work on and then create a list of action steps for each items.

Try creating your list in the order you want to work on each item and give yourself dates of completion. Group like items together. So if you are working on your products, list everything you need to do related to your product listings.

Once you have everything you need to work on listed, download and print out a to-do list so you can create a daily plan.

Click here to download
Work on your shop in large chunks of time. You don't want it becoming a chore, you want want it to be a quick and easy process.

If you have any challenges on a specific area of your shop go back to Mondays post with ideas about your shop, or Tuesdays post for suggestions for your items, titles, descriptions, or tags.

Once you are done with all the updates and changes you want to make, you will be ready to re-inspire your shop for the holidays. Tomorrow is all about adding holiday elements and creating your marketing calendar. Now Get To Work!

Do you have a lot of changes you want to make to your Etsy shop?

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Your Etsy Shop Reinvented for the Holidays - Day 3 An Interview with Lias Jacobs

Over the last couple of day we have talked about elements of your shop and your titles, tags, and descriptions. Today I am really excited to share an interview with Lisa Jacobs. She has had a tremendous amount of success with her Etsy shop The Energy Shop, and with over 3400+ sales she know about marketing an Etsy shop.

She shares her experiences and marketing ideas on her website MarketYourCreativity.com, and offers a wonderful collection of free resources as well as her eprogram Shop Fundamentals. Stop by her website and see all she has to offer.

Shop Fundamentals 
Lisa is also a contributor on Handmadeology, and shares lots of tips you can use in your Etsy shop in her popular posts 450 Sales In The First 3 Months Of Business on Etsy, 1000 Sales in My First Year of Business on Etsy: Low Cost Marketing Strategies,  and What I've Learned about Marketing after 2 Years of Business and Thousands of Etsy Sales.

Thank you Lisa for sharing with us today!

Lisa Jacobs
The Energy Shop

Could you share a little about your Etsy shop and the growth you experienced, and the work you are doing on your blog MarketYourCreativity.com.

Absolutely. I started my Energy Shop in 2010, and after making a few sales, I became obsessed! It made me realize that I’ve always loved business and marketing strategy - the interest goes back to childhood for me.

The Energy Shop definitely conveys the spiritual side of my life, but I’m most grateful to it for awakening the entrepreneurial passion within me. I’m so excited about being in business that shop-talk just spills out of me. My blog, Marketing Creativity is the result.

Joyful Sunstone
What is the most important change you should make in your Etsy shop to prepare it for the holidays?

I create a plan for stock and promotion. I’m a big believer in making things happen, so I start planning for the holidays toward the end of summer. I host my biggest sale annually on the Friday before Black Friday, and I honestly look forward to it all year (as do my customers!).

You should think about how your customers will shop, and the easiest way to do this is to think about how YOU shop during the holidays. What advertisements appeal to you? How do businesses capture your attention during the holiday rush? How do they convince you that their products will make great gifts for your loved ones?

I always say that successful marketing gold is all around you. Mine it accordingly :)

When deciding to eliminate products from your shop, what should you consider first?

I’d consider what’s selling, and what’s contributing to the shop’s momentum. I would edit out any listings that have gone stale, and I would especially remove any products in which the photography isn’t doing the item justice.

The New Mini Chakra Balancing Bracelet

Keeping your Etsy shop updated and relevant is important for being found in searches, what do you suggest for staying on top of theses types of tasks?

Regularly create new designs, and I even do listing renewal now and again - especially if I haven’t added any new products in awhile. This keeps you relevant in search and to all of those customers who have favorited your shop.

Time management can be challenging when you are busy running your business, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I organize my priorities six-months in advance. This is a daily topic of conversation between my husband and I. I’ve finally learned, after three years of business, that I have to be my own boss, set deadlines, and identify what’s next on the docket.

I always say to my husband, “You’re so lucky - you always know what to do next at work AND you get positive feedback for every job well done!”

Pink Agate and amazonite Butterfly Necklace

How do you stay inspired to create during the busy holiday season?

I eliminate the “busy” part. I’m always working ahead on the calendar year. By the end of October all of my holiday stock will be made, packaged, and ready-to-ship. I take lots of time off in December to be with my children and watch the magic of the season unfold.

Thanks so much for having me! I really enjoyed your questions.

What ideas are you going to use in your Etsy business this season?

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Your Etsy Shop Reinvented for the Holidays - Day 2 Revamp

In yesterday's post we looked at all the elements of your shop, and preparing them from your customers point of view. Today it's time to take a critical look at your items, photos, titles, descriptions, and tags.

This is a big topic. So, throughout this post I will be sharing several links with additional information and suggestions, check them out as you go along.

To get started, download and print out this handy form for listing the changes you want to make.

Click here to download

Your Items
To start this process go through each item in your shop:
Does the style still reflect your brand?
Is it a good design?
Does it have challenges?
How is it selling? (You can now see stats for each item in your shop on the listing manager page)
Is it time to retire it for a new item?
Can you add new versions or colors?
Has it been favorited a lot? In a lot of treasuries?

Having your shop look cohesive and reflect your brand is important for keeping the customers engaged and looking at all the items in your shop. If you have styles that you don't think are working it's time to let them go, and start adding new pieces.

Your Photos
Your photos are a very important part of your shop. This is the first thing people see when they are searching and your photos are usually the deciding factor to whether they are going to click to your shop to see what you offer.

It's time to look critically at your photos.
Do your photos represent the quality of items you sell in your shop?
Do they look good when the picture is small or large?
Do they look like the photos found on the first page of Etsy?

I have found several tips for taking good photos and below there are links so you can explore this topic further.

• You don't have to have an expensive camera to take good photos. Get to know the setting on the camera you have and use what you need for a good shot. Here is a link for What to look for in a digital camera.

• Lighting is one of the biggest challenges to taking great photos. Never use the flash on your camera. Use natural light or sunlight whenever possible, or use a light box if your shooting indoors.
Here are some links for creating a light box, shooting in natural sunlight and shooting pictures inside without a light box.

• Cropping your photos is an important step in creating great photos. You want to make sure you take out any unnecessary background so the focus is on the item in the image. This is where an editing program is important. If you don't have an editing program on your computer here are a couple of free options: Picasa.google.com and Gimp.com

• Always use all 5 views to show your item from every angle. This is often overlooked, and when you use all those views your customer gets a true sense of what your item looks like.

Want more info on taking better pictures here are some links to check out:
Product Photography for Beginners (video)
Etsy Shop Photography
How to style your Photos
3 Essential Tips on Product Photography
Photographing for success

Your Titles
Your titles are more important than ever for being found in searches. The first three words need to represent what people are searching for.

So if you are selling a dress for a little girl you would want your title to be Girls Dress Pink...  or Pink Girls Dress... not Pretty Pink Dress... or Fun Girly Dress... Think like your customer, if you were looking for a dress for a little girl what would you type in the search box?

Now go through all your titles and check out those first three words, are they words your customers would type in the search box?

If you want your items to come up in the first few pages of a search make sure those first three words on your items is relevant.

Here are links with additional information:
Etsy's New Focus on Relevancy and How it Effects your Etsy Shop
Putting Your Shop on Top

Your Descriptions
The most important thing to remember about your descriptions is to write them as if there were no pictures.

You want to be as detailed as possible, including size, color, shape, measurements, materials, textures, and scents. Think like a customer, what information would you want to know.

If you have long descriptions, remember to add white space. Separate out a lot of text into paragraphs or use bullet points. You want people to find the information they need even if they just skim the information.

Review your descriptions.
Do they have all the information they need?
If you did not include a photo would they know what the item is?
Is your description easy to read?
Can the customer get the info they need quickly?

The first paragraph is the most important for getting found in searches on Etsy and on search engines. Make sure that paragraph has your most important key words.

Not sure how to add keywords to your descriptions check out this link.

Your Tags
When you are listing an item you are able to add 13 tags to help that item get found in searches. According to Etsy's policy you can use relevant phrases to describe your items. That means instead of using just necklace you can do long necklace, chain necklace, beaded necklace, etc...  Having the options to use more relevant phrases lets you get found more often. Make sure you are using phrases people would be searching, so keep them general.

Now review your tags. How can you alter them so they are more relevant? 

Making a list of all the tags you could possibly use for the items in your shop is very helpful when you are stuck for ideas. Not sure what tags to use, check out other shop that carry your type of items and jot down the tags they use that are relevant to your items. Keep your list handy when you are adding new items, it will help make the listing your new items faster.

Helpful links about titles, descriptions, and tags
Relevancy and how it effects your shop
Titles, Descriptions, and Tags
How to get found in searches
Writing item descriptions

This is a lot of information, so give yourself some time to thoroughly go through your shop and list all the changes you need to work on, and make any adjustments necessary. Now download your Etsy Item Critique form and get started!

Don't miss tomorrows post, I have an inspiring interview with Lisa Jacobs from the Energy Shop, MarketYourCreativity.com and Handmadeology. She is sharing a little of her story of success and tips you can apply to your business.

What do you find most challenging, photos, titles, tags, or descriptions? Why?

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Your Etsy Shop Reinvented for the Holidays - Day 1 Review

We work hard to design and create the products we sell, pouring our heart into each piece. So when we set up our Etsy shop to present our work to the world, we hope everyone will see the value of our handcrafted items.

We set up our Etsy shop to reflect our personal style and ideas. What we sometimes forget is that our Etsy shop should reflect our style but be written for our customers.

How your customer sees your shop is what is important. They are the ones looking for something to purchase, and you want to make sure they have all the information they need to choose your items.

Today you're going to take a good look at your shop, as if you were the customer and not the artist. You are going to be a critic and dissect every detail.

Start this process by downloading this form.

Click here to download

You will be able to easily list all the changes you want to make, and it will help you develop your action plan.

Their are several things to consider when doing your self-critique of your Etsy shop:

Your Brand
♦ Is your avatar recognizable and does it reflect your style and personality?
♦ What about your banner does that let people know what to expect when looking at your shop? This is the first thing people look at and it could be the deciding factor as to whether they want to stick around.
♦ Have you added an about page with your story and photos? So your customers know who they are buying from, here is a link with tips for writing your about page.
♦ Does your shop feel and look cohesive?

Your Shop
♦ Are you using your shop section? Are they specific, concise, and easy categories for people to search? This is your customer service department.
♦ Does your shop title have keywords for searches? Good keywords help search engines find your shop
♦ Are you using your shop announcements to share news, links, announcements, and promos?
♦ Do you have your Twitter and Facebook buttons turned on so people can follow you easily?
♦ Do you have your location listed? People like to know where their items are shipping from.
♦ Are you using the featured items section? This is a great place to feature new and some of your favorite items.
♦ Have you enabled the Google Product Ad Listing? It's free and Etsy sets it all up. When you click on Your Shop in the sidebar there is an option for Google Ad. Just click it and enable.
♦ Are you using the automatic coupon code that is sent to your customers after purchase? Click on coupon codes and activate your Thank You Coupon.

Your Policies
♦ This is one of those pages you set up once and rarely look at again. Take a look at this page, read through the whole things. Is everything on that page still current?
♦ Do you have special shipping options for the holidays? This is the time to add them to your page, and don't forget to add the last day you will be shipping for the holidays.
♦ What payment options do you accept? Are you using Direct Checkout via Etsy? It's a great option, and once you setup your shop can accept Etsy gift cards.  Check out this link for the benefits of Direct Checkout.
♦ Do you have any FAQ (frequently asked question)? Use that section to answer those questions.
♦ Do you do refunds or exchanges? Make sure that whatever your requirements are you spell them out completely.
Need some ideas for your policies page, check out this link.

I understand that doing a self-critique can be challenging, so try asking a friend or acquaintance to look at your shop and share their thoughts about your shops.

If they have something negative to share, don't think of it as an attack or feel the need to explain why. Just listen to what they have to say and use that helpful information to make your shop better.

There are several Etsy teams that do shop critiques as well. Here is a list of the critique teams on Etsy. This is a great way to have your shop seen the way potential customers view your shop.

Want to see some shop critiques in action? Check out Handmadeology Etsy Shop critique webinar, also Etsy Online Labs has several shop critiques under there Etsy Success tab.

Your review of your shop is the most important step of getting your shop ready for the holidays. If you take the time and are honest with yourself you can have a shop that is found in searches and brings in more customers this holiday season.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about your shop photos, descriptions, titles, and tags.  Now grab your shop critique printable and start listing all the things you need to work on in your shop.

What do you find most challenging when doing a self-critique of your shop?

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Is Your Etsy Shop Ready for the Holidays?

Starting tomorrow Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays, is a week long series of posts with tips, ideas, and inspirations for your Etsy Shop.

Stop by everyday, I am looking forward to sharing lots of information to help you have a fantastic holiday selling season.

See you tomorrow!
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Nap Time

It's the weekend, time to take a break and enjoy time with family, friends, and even some quiet time to yourself.

Sometimes the weekends can be a little crazy as we try to cram in as much as possible. I know for me Saturday can be as busy as the rest of my week, so I have made it point to not do very much on Sunday.

If your weekends are busy, it does not mean you can't take a break in the middle of the day for a quick relaxing nap.

It can be challenging to sleep in the middle of the day, but just laying down and closing our eyes should give you the same benefits as actually going to sleep.

Did you know a quick nap is good for lowering your stress level, giving you a needed boost energy, increasing your learning ability, and just all around good for your health.

Take the break you deserve. Find a half hour in you day for a quick nap. Your body will thank you for it!

Do you take naps?

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Sometimes You Have to Say Good-bye

In business and in life there are things that need to end. 

You may need to retire a product that you love but is not selling, or change your branding because it's does not reflect your style anymore, or stop working with a group because it's not benefiting you or your business. Whatever it is at some point in time you will have to say good-bye.

Saying good-bye does not mean it's over, in reality it's really just the beginning. You are entering a new phase and you need to acknowledge that change to move forward. 

Even though making the change will be difficult, because you are used to the way thing work and things flow easily, it may be time to say good-bye.

Whatever the reason is you have to say good-bye it is important to say the words even if it's to yourself. The ritual of saying the words releases us from our present situation, and shows respect for what just ended.

Trust that what ended was good and useful, and now that you have let it go you can now move on with freedom.

Is there something in your business that you need to say good-bye too?

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Are Your Habits Holding You Back?

Do you have any bad habits?  You may not think you do but many of our habits and quirks are invisible to us.

Your habits and belief systems are a product of your environment and the people who influence you. If you spend a lot of time around negative people, being negative becomes part of who you are. Without knowing it some of your bad habits may be holding you back from reaching true success.  

The first thing to recognizing what habits are not benefiting you is to create a list of all the habits that keep you from being productive. 

It may take some time to compile but it will become helpful with your future planning. Until you clearly understand what's holding you back it's difficult to create more productive habits. 

I did this exercise, and I realized that I spent a lot of my day not being productive. Even though I always felt busy, I was not accomplishing everything I needed to complete. Several of the items on the list were easy to change, and these few changes have really made a difference in how I currently spend my day.

Creating this list will give you a strong foundation for improving, and it's the perfect project to do before the busy holiday season. Being able to make a few small changes will make you more productive and bring you more success.

Remember - Your outward behavior is the truth, whereas your inner perception of your behavior is often an illusion. -Jack Canfield

What's one bad habit you would like to change?

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Motivation Monday

Enjoy Your Success

Too often once we achieve a goal,
we take it for granted.
It's part of the journey.
It's important to give ourselves some credit.
Otherwise we lose our sense of purpose.
Enjoying the victories give us strength to continue.
And sweet memories to inspire us.

It's Never Too Late.. by Patrick Lindsay

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Need a Moment - Call a Friend

Vintage Retro Phone from FishBoneDeco on Etsy
I remember when you had to call people on the phone, and they had to be home to get the call. There was no call waiting, or answering machines, not to mention email, texting, IM'ing, or Skype.

I am really showing my age here, but with so much technology no one really talks on the phone anymore. My daughter spends all her time texting with her friends, the only time they actually talk is when they get together.

Today would be a great day to CALL a friend you have not talk to in a long time. Enjoy the sound of their voice, and catching up on life.

It's a great way to have a moment with yourself, and reconnect with a old friend. 

When was the last time you had a long conversation on the phone with a friend?

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September 13 is Positive Thinking Day

Happy Positive Thinking Day!

Today is the perfect day to start making positive thinking and a positive attitude part of your life everyday.

It's easy to get started.

Incorporate these simple ideas into your day.

Affirmations keep you positive - Start your day with "It's going to be a great day!"

Be Mindful - Stay in the present moment, always reminding yourself it's going to be a great day.

Track your gratitude - Keeping a journal of what you are grateful for will only enforce how good life is.

Stay Inspired - Read and Watch motivational and inspirational materials daily.

Surround yourself with positive people - They will help you stay focused and positive.

Be Kind - Taking care of yourself and others will keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Smile - Share your smile throughout your day, because a smile is contagious.

Super simple ideas for a positive out look on life.

What are you going to do for Positive Thinking Day?

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2 Questions to Inspire You to Keep Your Commitments

Earlier this year things were moving and shaking in my Etsy shop. I had my best first quarter ever this year and few good shows.

As summer progressed I realized that things in my Etsy shop had really slacked off. Sales for the last couple of months have been  a lot slower than usual.

I decided that this month I was going to have to make a commitment to my Etsy shop again, and let this month be the start to a successful holiday selling season.

Making a commitment to yourself is easy, it's the follow through that is the challenge. When we make a commitment to other we tend to keep those commitments so not to let anyone down.

To achieve that commitment you make to yourself requires a little more work, and you really need to look inside yourself to find the courage you need to move forward and achieve your goals.

Here are a couple of questions to get you thinking about how you are going to keep those commitments to yourself and your business.

What would you have to believe about yourself to set commitments and consistently realize them?
What thoughts would empower you to always fulfill your commitments?

Once you realize the answer to these questions you will have the unlimited power to achieve all the commitments you create for yourself.

Do you find it challenging to keep commitments to yourself?

This commitment has inspired me to research new ideas to generate some buzz around my Etsy shop, and I am excited to share some of them with you during the week of September 23 - 27 for Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays.

If this post inspired you share with your social networks. Thanks!
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Motivation Monday

Think of Others

We're encouraged to think of ourselves, our needs, our desires.
The media, advertisers, and gurus all add to this impetus.
But real satisfaction comes elsewhere.
Genuine growth and priceless enjoyment come from
helping others.
Look where you can help.
Do it with selfless passion.
Enjoy the feeling.

Now is the time... by Patrick Lindsay

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Be Good to Yourself

As women we are programed to take care of others. We always put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do list, and at times take on more then we can really accomplish.

Taking the time to self-nurture should be on your list everyday. It should be time that is not practical, or has not purpose, but to just give you pleasure.

It can be as simple as shutting the door to close your eyes and enjoy the peace, taking a bath, reading a romance novel, or taking that class you have been wanting to do.

This time you create for yourself may feel selfish, but it's not. It's rest for your soul and brings you a sense of renewal.

What is your favorite way to self-nurture?

This post is part of Self-Love Saturday, if you enjoyed it share it with your social network.
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Are You Ready for Big Changes in Your Business?

Life is full of changes. As we become more knowledgeable in our artistic ability and our business we want to make changes in how we do things.

Sometimes big things happen that require us to make changes quickly and boldly. These changes can be challenging, and push you out of your comfort zone.

Today I have 5 step that will help you deal with those big changes, so you can easily put them to action.

Small steps will get you there with greater success. Usually change does not happen all at once, luckily giving us a chance to figure things out. Instead of looking at everything you need to change, approach it focusing on several small steps. Going at it in this process will put you in a better frame of mind and as you take things in stride.

Don't go it alone. Change can feel isolating, and make the process even harder. Sharing with another person or a group can help you process the situation and not feel so alone. Next time you have something big to change, talk through the situation with someone you trust. Ask What if...? Why not...? What about this...? This will help prepare you for the big change.

Get out of your comfort zone, failure is OK. The hardest part about making big changes is that it take effort, persistence, and action. Failure is part of this process, but if you don't try getting out of your comfort zone then nothing will ever change. When you are in a place of uncertainty your pushed into problem solving mode, you see things from a different perspective, and that allow you to see new possibilities.

Start your small steps right away. It is easy to create your list of steps, but putting them into actions is what is going to help you make those changes part of your life. Even if things don't go your way, you just have to reevaluate and start again.

Learn to accept challenges that make change difficult. It may seem devastating to have to start over, but you will know what not to do the next time getting you one step closer to the changes you need to make. Little setbacks will build your confidence, and you will know that you can handle anything that comes your way.

It's the perfect time of year to put all those big plans into action, make all those big changes you have been thinking about, and prepare yourself for success.

Let's help each other, what is one big thing you have been putting off?

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I'm Ready. Are Your Ready?

Welcome to the new and improved Everyday Inspired!

The summer went by quickly, and I spent my blogging break coming up with new ideas to share on Everyday Inspired.  I am looking forward to inspiring and motivating you in new ways.

I am excited to share the Everyday Inspired manifesto.

Feel free to share!
Take a look around, I have made a few changes to the blog. A new banner, more info on the about page, cleaner sidebars, and new advertising options. Check out the special deal I am offering through the end of the year, click here.

The Inspired Daily Newsletter will available once a month. So if stopping by 3 - 4 times a week is challenging, stay up to date monthly by signing up for the fun easy to read newsletter. Sign up box in the upper right corner →.

The new posting schedule will be 3 - 4 new posts a week. Each post will be created to motivate, inspire, and renew. My goal is to offer inspiring content to help you build your business, grow creatively, and succeed.

I am looking forward to a new series happening this month that will help you prep your Etsy shop for the holidays.  The week will be filled with lots of tips, ideas, and a surprise guest interview you won't want to miss.

Inspired Success week will be back in November and it's going to be all about Facebook. I have a great interview with Sadie from Yarn Obsession, who has built up her Facebook page to over 6000 likes and now has a thriving online business.

Be on the lookout, I have been working hard putting together my Everyday Business Binder e-book and webinar. I will keep you posted as I get everything together. I created the Everyday Business Binder to help plan, organize, and keep everything you need for your business all in one place.  More info coming soon.

That is a taste of what's happening at Everyday Inspired through the end of the year.  I always want to hear your thoughts and ideas please feel free to email me at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.

Now for the winner of the 
Books to Inspire Giveaway

Congratulations Rose! Enjoy your books.

Thanks everyone for participating!

Join me on this new journey. I am looking forward to growing together. 

What is one thing you looking forward to with your business through the end of the year? 

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