26 Prompts For Social Media

Doing social media can be so time consuming, and sometimes it can be hard to think of things to post.

Today I'm sharing a cheat sheet of prompts for creating interesting content for your social media sites.

• Express how you feel about creating

• Talk about people you meet in classes you take or teach

• Share highlights from classes you take or teach

• Talk about some positive feedback you got from a customer

• Share stories from you studio

• Tell your followers about your creative process

• Share your knowledge about...
  ~ the tools you use
  ~ books that have helped you
  ~ your supplies and how to take care of them
  ~ techniques you have tried

• Share helpful links, resources, blog posts, and videos

• Give ideas for starting their own business

• Make recommendation

• Ask for feedback

• Do a poll

• Have people vote on their favorite________

• List something and have people share their thoughts

• Do a true false post, or a thumbs up or thumbs down

• Tell a funny story

• Share a inspirational story

• Review products, classes, online info

• Do a "how can I help" post

• Do "how to" posts

• Share Pinterest finds

• Share one of your products

• Give gift ideas

• Invite a conversation
  ~ ask what they are creating
  ~ ask for recommendation

• Promote your new products

I hope this list helps get your creative juices flowing, and posting on social media will be an easier process and not a chore.

What is your favorite thing to share on social media sites?

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  1. I usually share photos cause I'm such a shutterbug. I have a hard time coming up w/ FB statuses....I used to update a lot years ago, but Russell doesn't like that I share too much personal info, so I keep it down to one or two a day.

  2. That's quite a list and most helpful. Thank you for compiling it. :)

    I find that I'm pretty much ignored on social media sites. I'll "like" other peoples' posts and I leave comments but hardly ever do I get a like or a comment in return. Maybe it is just me, I've always been shy and introverted and people read me wrong - they seem to think I'm stand-offish or worse,that I'm stuck-up. :(

  3. These are great prompts! Thanks for the inspiration. =0)

  4. Great list. I can definitely turn several of these into blog posts!

  5. Great list Valerie! I don't do much with social media because I usually don't get a response. If I start selling my things again, I will give it another try though.

  6. Just the inspiration I need lately. Thank you!


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