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I am excited to offer affordable sponsorship for creative business owners. Everyday Inspired is a blog committed to motivating your creative spirit, inspiring new ideas and to ignite your desire for renewal.

Everyday Inspired has been sharing inspiration since 2009 with 3-4 new posts every week. The primary reader is female, 25-55 years old, and running a creative online business.

Currently, there are 1800+ followers via Google and RSS feed, 7500+ followers via social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Plus Everyday Inspired averages 10,000+ views a month, giving your ad more opportunities to be viewed via a variety of different networks.

During the month of sponsorship, I will feature your business via my social networks. Sponsorship on Everyday Inspired starts anytime during the month after payment is received and it will run for 30 day.

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All ads are subject to approval. Email Valerie at if you have any questions.

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Click the PayPal button below to make payment, and I will contact you via email to work out the details of your ad.

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I look forward to getting to know you and your business!

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