Your Etsy Shop REINSPIRED for the Holidays

I am excited to share with you all the things I have learned about preparing your Etsy shop for the holidays. There are so many great ideas, and I have reviewed lots of them and combined the best into this week long series.

With a honest review of your shop and a little effort, you can see a difference in your holiday sales this year. 

Each day will offer easy to follow tips, ideas, printables, and inspiration for getting your Etsy shop ready for holiday selling.

Follow this simple plan that will set you up for success.

Monday - The hardest step of this process is to REVIEW your shop.

Tuesday - All about REVAMPING your products

Wednesday - Highlight of the week an INSPIRING interview with Lisa Jacobs from the Energy Shop,, and She is sharing some of her favorite tips for getting your shop ready for the holidays.

Thursday - Get ready to REFRESH your shop by creating a plan.

Friday - Time to get to work and REINSPIRE your shop

Saturday ~ Bonus day - Ideas to REWORK your work space and get organized.

Join me September 23 - 27 and get ready to create a shop that is INSPIRED for the holidays!

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