Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays - Day 4 Refresh

It has been a busy week on Everyday Inspired.

You should have gone through your shop and listed all the relevant changes you want to make, took a serious look at your items, titles, descriptions, and tags, and got inspired by Lisa Jacobs from Energy shop as she shared some easy to do tips for getting your shop ready for the holidays. Today you should be ready to use all that information to create your plan.

The hard part of going through your shop is over, now it's time to set your priorities and action steps and get your shop ready for a busy holiday season.

Start by downloading and printing out as many objective (goals) forms that you will need.

Click here to download
Go through your lists and start listing the strategies you need to work on and then create a list of action steps for each items.

Try creating your list in the order you want to work on each item and give yourself dates of completion. Group like items together. So if you are working on your products, list everything you need to do related to your product listings.

Once you have everything you need to work on listed, download and print out a to-do list so you can create a daily plan.

Click here to download
Work on your shop in large chunks of time. You don't want it becoming a chore, you want want it to be a quick and easy process.

If you have any challenges on a specific area of your shop go back to Mondays post with ideas about your shop, or Tuesdays post for suggestions for your items, titles, descriptions, or tags.

Once you are done with all the updates and changes you want to make, you will be ready to re-inspire your shop for the holidays. Tomorrow is all about adding holiday elements and creating your marketing calendar. Now Get To Work!

Do you have a lot of changes you want to make to your Etsy shop?

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  1. Another great post. I can use the TODAY To Do List at my day job, too.

    1. I find the TODAY To-Do List really helps me stay on track throughout the day, I hope you find it just as useful.

  2. I love that Today page, printing and pinning!! :) Thank you!


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