Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays - Day 5 Reinspired

It has been a full week of critiquing your Etsy shop and products, and creating an action plan. Today we're going to have a little fun as we look at adding holiday elements to our shop.
Etsy Shop Banners by BestBanners
There are simple ways you can add a holiday look to your online shop
Create a holiday banner and avatar for your shop
Purchase a holiday banner and avatar for your shop via the many talented artists on Etsy
Add a holiday statement to your shop announcements
Put a holiday message on your policies page
Add a holiday statement in your message to buyers
Don't forget your about page, a holiday messages will be a nice touch. You can even add holiday related photos.
• Add holiday elements to your photos, such as greenery, ornaments, or a mini tree.
• Offer Holiday packaging and Gift Certificates 

DIY instructions
During this time of year you do as much offline marketing for your business as you do with your online shop. Here are a few offline ideas to add a holiday touch to your business.

Offline ideas
Do holiday themed packaging
Add a holiday card
Share a special treat (candy, samples, pens, buttons...)
Decorate your packaging
If you do art/craft show
Add holiday lights to your display
Offer a special treat
Decorate your booth to reflect the holidays
• Create holiday handouts with your Etsy shop info

Adding holiday touches is simple and really makes your shop stand out.

Christmas Tags by AcarrdianCards
Once your shop is all set for the holidays, it's time to start thinking about marketing. So I want to end the week with a few ideas to think about when creating your holiday marketing plan.

• Create a advertising plan - find blogs and websites you would like to advertise on and start contacting them for holiday rates.
• Get into Holiday Gift Guides - they are a great way to get your products out to a variety of people
Online Craft Fairs - check out the variety of sites that have online craft fairs during the holidays.
• Start promoting on your social networks - create a daily plan for posting on social networks.
• Plan your sales and special offers - if you plan ahead you can start marketing early.
• Start a Newsletter - to keep your customers informed about sales and promotions
• Pass out your business cards and promote your shop offline too.

Here is a short list of links to get you started on your holiday marketing plan.
Plan your holiday blog posts
Start a newsletter
Create a holiday ad campaign 
Considering advertising on Everyday Inspired - Special deal through the end of the year
Create a social media plan - where you want to post and start a list of ideas for posting
Plan your Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Want more holiday prep ideas for your Etsy shop, register for Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp starting October 7.

Christmas Tags by MarleyDesign
Now that our week is over and your Etsy shop is all ready for the holidays, I wish you one of your best holiday seasons ever! 

Tomorrow I have a bonus day post filled with ways to Rework your creative space. Lots of photos, ideas for organization, and a couple of DIY projects to inspire you.

What was your favorite part of Your Etsy Shop Reinspired for the Holidays?

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  1. Thanks for another helpful post. I signed up for Etsy Boot Camp.

    1. Thanks LeAnn!! Etsy Boot Camp is full of lots of great information, enjoy.

  2. That's my project for the weekend, to organize my space! This was an awesome set of information for getting ready for the holidays, thank you so much for all you do Valerie!! ♥

    1. Thanks Janell! Enjoy your weekend of organizing.

  3. those boxes are so cute. wishing you tons of holiday sales!


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