Your Etsy Shop Reinvented for the Holidays - Day 3 An Interview with Lias Jacobs

Over the last couple of day we have talked about elements of your shop and your titles, tags, and descriptions. Today I am really excited to share an interview with Lisa Jacobs. She has had a tremendous amount of success with her Etsy shop The Energy Shop, and with over 3400+ sales she know about marketing an Etsy shop.

She shares her experiences and marketing ideas on her website MarketYourCreativity.com, and offers a wonderful collection of free resources as well as her eprogram Shop Fundamentals. Stop by her website and see all she has to offer.

Shop Fundamentals 
Lisa is also a contributor on Handmadeology, and shares lots of tips you can use in your Etsy shop in her popular posts 450 Sales In The First 3 Months Of Business on Etsy, 1000 Sales in My First Year of Business on Etsy: Low Cost Marketing Strategies,  and What I've Learned about Marketing after 2 Years of Business and Thousands of Etsy Sales.

Thank you Lisa for sharing with us today!

Lisa Jacobs
The Energy Shop

Could you share a little about your Etsy shop and the growth you experienced, and the work you are doing on your blog MarketYourCreativity.com.

Absolutely. I started my Energy Shop in 2010, and after making a few sales, I became obsessed! It made me realize that I’ve always loved business and marketing strategy - the interest goes back to childhood for me.

The Energy Shop definitely conveys the spiritual side of my life, but I’m most grateful to it for awakening the entrepreneurial passion within me. I’m so excited about being in business that shop-talk just spills out of me. My blog, Marketing Creativity is the result.

Joyful Sunstone
What is the most important change you should make in your Etsy shop to prepare it for the holidays?

I create a plan for stock and promotion. I’m a big believer in making things happen, so I start planning for the holidays toward the end of summer. I host my biggest sale annually on the Friday before Black Friday, and I honestly look forward to it all year (as do my customers!).

You should think about how your customers will shop, and the easiest way to do this is to think about how YOU shop during the holidays. What advertisements appeal to you? How do businesses capture your attention during the holiday rush? How do they convince you that their products will make great gifts for your loved ones?

I always say that successful marketing gold is all around you. Mine it accordingly :)

When deciding to eliminate products from your shop, what should you consider first?

I’d consider what’s selling, and what’s contributing to the shop’s momentum. I would edit out any listings that have gone stale, and I would especially remove any products in which the photography isn’t doing the item justice.

The New Mini Chakra Balancing Bracelet

Keeping your Etsy shop updated and relevant is important for being found in searches, what do you suggest for staying on top of theses types of tasks?

Regularly create new designs, and I even do listing renewal now and again - especially if I haven’t added any new products in awhile. This keeps you relevant in search and to all of those customers who have favorited your shop.

Time management can be challenging when you are busy running your business, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I organize my priorities six-months in advance. This is a daily topic of conversation between my husband and I. I’ve finally learned, after three years of business, that I have to be my own boss, set deadlines, and identify what’s next on the docket.

I always say to my husband, “You’re so lucky - you always know what to do next at work AND you get positive feedback for every job well done!”

Pink Agate and amazonite Butterfly Necklace

How do you stay inspired to create during the busy holiday season?

I eliminate the “busy” part. I’m always working ahead on the calendar year. By the end of October all of my holiday stock will be made, packaged, and ready-to-ship. I take lots of time off in December to be with my children and watch the magic of the season unfold.

Thanks so much for having me! I really enjoyed your questions.

What ideas are you going to use in your Etsy business this season?

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  1. Great interview. Inspiring success story.

    1. She is very inspiring. I am glad you enjoyed her interview.

  2. Awesome interview. I love the concept of prioritizing 6 months out so goals can be reached.

    1. I love the concept of prioritizing 6 months out too, now I just have to put that plan into action :)


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