Green Ideas for Desk Organization

One of my favorite blog contributors Pam Moore from Open Space is back with some easy ideas to recycle and decorate your office/studio at the same time.  
Thanks for sharing these tips Pam!

How many jars do you put in the recycle bin a month? Jars vary in size and shape, which makes them ideal desk accessories.

By simply recycling the lid and removing the labels (soak boiling water), your jars quickly become the perfect reusable desk accessory.

Small jars (baby food) – paper clips, binder clips, push pins and tacks
Medium jars (jam or jelly) – rubber bands, staples and binder clips
Large jars (pickles) – pencils, pens, felt tip markers and highlighters
X-large jars (pasta sauce) – markers, highlighters, scissor and ruler

Create a vase with unique shapes
Soda bottles – one stem flower
Pace picante sauce – small bunch of fresh or wild flowers
Mason jar – float a candle

♦ Create a picture frame by printing a color copy of photo and place it inside the jar on one side
♦ Decorate the jar by adding a splash of color
♦ Tie a ribbon around the neck
♦ Glue a snug fitting piece of scrap paper around the body
♦ Use beads, marbles, coffee beans or sand in the bottom

Lastly, mix the jars by function and height and create clusters. Place the jars on an under utilized platter for dimension and easy cleaning. When it’s time to move the jars to create more space for a project or to clean, simply lift the platter with all of the jars on it, set it aside and replace when finished.

How would you use a jars to organize?

Pam Moore
Open Space
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  1. I love glass jars; they're so pretty, and there are so many uses for them! :) Great post!

  2. Very cute! <3 I love the pencil holder :)

  3. I'm an avid jar re-cycler. We use them as drinking glasses, catch-alls, office supply storage, keep the lids and you have travel-glasses. With a knitted or crocheted cozy around them they're adorable!

  4. Oh I have recently become a jar collector...I store my beads in them. Had originally bought a dozen from Ikea to store spices, but I found them to be more useful for my beads.
    I liked the first picture...to store pencils and the one with the fresh flowers as well.

  5. Another great way to recycle! I love the photo where the glass jars are being used as vases, such a pretty shot! :)

  6. I love using glass jars... I have a whole shelf of various shapes and sizes that I use for everything from paint brushes to safety pins! I'll have to take the extra step and decorate them a little :)

  7. I love all these ideas!! And I just love glass, I think its so pretty, even the ordinary jars.


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