Creative Planning

I recently read an article in Success magazine called Goal Setting doesn't Work. In this article the writer talked about how you really can't achieve the success you want until you are ready to change yourself.

There were a few things that struck me in the article.

First, when you are creating your list of goals or plan for the new year, you want to state your goals in the positive. For example: I am going to have ____ amount of sales this year.

Second, you have to think about what you need to change to achieve your goals. Ask yourself: Who do I have to become to achieve this? Answer in the positive - for example: I am a smart, confident, and effective leader. I will feed my ideas and inspirations that will support my passion.

Third, you have to be willing and ready to work hard at achieving your goals to create your own success. Why not try starting each day reviewing your goals to reinforce your commitment to achieving them.

These steps will work for all the areas in your life, losing weight, changing a relationship, as well as building your business.

It's time to stop creating a wish list and create a plan!

I'm ready, are you ready to create a plan for the new year?

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