Business Tip Tuesday - Business Cards

This past weekend my husband and I went out for the evening. This is not something we have a chance to do that often, so I wanted to dress up for a change.

Well I decided to change purses, which is something I rarely do, and of course I forgot business cards. While we were out 3 people asked me for cards and I did not have any, so my husband was telling me how he started putting extra cards in the pockets of his coats, his briefcase, and his travel luggage, because he was forgetting them when he traveled.

I thought what a great idea!

If you put a few business cards in your extra purses, and the pockets of your coats you will never be without your cards, and the more cards you pass out the better your business will be.
If nothing else, it will sure make it easier to remember to pass them out.

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  1. That makes alot of sense! I never have cards on me when I need them.

  2. Great tip. Now I just wish I had the perfect business card. I keep redesigning, and I can't seem to get just what I want. Hmmm.


  3. That's a great idea. I'm just getting started with my Etsy shop, and I need to make business cards to begin with! Have you ordered yours online?

  4. Yes.

    I purchased mini cards (I include them with my packages)with Moo they were nice but they took a long time. www.moo.com and www.MyMiniCards.com They were much faster.

    My regular size business cards I purchased with www.psprint.com, they looked great, they were a good price, and really easy to do online.



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