Creative Goal Writing

Last week's blog post Creative Brainstorming, was to inspire you to review the ideas that you wrote up in What does success mean to you? and What do you want in your life? If you did the brainstorming you should have a list of what you want to achieve creatively, in your business, and life.

Now it is time to rank your list and create a list of good solid reachable goals.

You want to rank each item by how it makes you feel, if you get pit-of-the-stomach excited about an item on your list then give it five stars; if you are only mildly motivated give it a single star.

Next, look at how much money you could make from each listed item, so if it could bring you in a regular steady flow of cash give it five dollar signs; if it will bring you in little money give it one dollar sign.

Finally, rate how realistic the item on your list is, give it five check marks if it is really doable and one if it will unlikely come to fruition.

Now based on your scores, you should have a good solid direction for your 2010 plan. Choose the top 5 to 10 goals and then start creating action steps for achieving them. You don't have to list all your action steps, just overall achievable actions.

Having a written or typed list will give you incentive, you can read it every month, week or even everyday to inspire you to reach your goals.

Are you ready to reach your goals in 2010?

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