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Goals - the buzz word for the month of December.

Over the next month you will find hundreds of posts all across the Internet, on how to write them, how to use them, and how to keep them. But lets be honest, we all write goals at the beginning of the year and then after a few months most of us forget about them.

I am no exception. I had a whole page of goals for this year with action steps and all. Don't get me wrong I did achieve some of them, some of them got revised, but several of them went out the window all together.

I did make big changes in my plan this past summer, changing the focus on my blog, new product ideas, and developing a project that I will be working on in 2010. These changes changed my 2009 focus, hence changing my goals, which I did not put on paper, so by mid year I had nothing to hold me accountable.

I seem to do better if I do my planning on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. (Here is a post about making lists with ideas to get you started.) These last few months I have pushed myself to keep my monthly goals, and write out lists for my daily activities. That has helped me to achieve my goals for the last quarter of this year, but I am going to work harder at having a plan I can stick to in 2010.

This month I am not going to talk about setting goals, but more about creating a plan for achieving them. Last month I did a post, to inspire you, to write out what success means to you. Take a few moments and check it out, it's a great place to start your planning process for your new year.

The next step in the process is to determine What you want in your life?
When you are writing your answer's consider all areas of your life, business, financial, lifestyle, spiritual, family, relationship, physical, and mental.

The answer's to these two questions will guide you in your planning process for creating your 2010 plan. Find a few minutes for yourself and start writing, by the end of this month you will have a plan you can stick too.

Did you achieve most of your goals in 2009?
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  1. VERY good post! EVERYONE should read this!

  2. I have been working at setting realistic goals for myself. This is a great post!


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