Art to Know - Latte Art

Latte Art - Flowers by shawnmebo

The average American drinks a total of 200 gallons of coffee each year, and worldwide the consumption of coffee is growing each year. With so much coffee being consumed Latte Art has become a global phenomenon.

This is a practice that is done all over the world, with it's own international competition.

Latte Art is a style of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso that creates a pattern or design on the surface of the resulting latte. It can also be created or embellished by simply “drawing” in the top layer of foam. Latte art is particularly difficult to create consistently, due to the demanding conditions required of both the espresso shot and milk.

Bending Rosetta by rooracer

Some controversy exists within the coffee community as to whether or not there is excessive focus on latte art amongst Batista's. The argument is that too much focus on the appearance of a drink leads some to ignore more important issues, such as taste.

It's spring! Time for coffee by Chris Blakeley

The artist Batista's have turned our morning cup of coffee into to beautiful art.

Want to make your own latte art check out this link for instructions and a video.
Have you ever had coffee with latte art?

All of today's photo's are from Flickr

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  1. I love Latte art and wow! Such great ideas that you've posted. Sadly, I can only do a heart, a leaf and a tree. We do take our coffee seriously in the Pacific NW.

  2. Jenni, that is very cool that you can do that! If you have any photo's you would liket to share I will post them. You can send me jpegs to additionsstyleblog@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That pegasus blows my mind - they did that with the swirl of the foam? Or by using a stencil and sprinkling in some powder? I'm blown away!

  4. I have not had the pleasure of one of these latte art creations but I sure would like to. I would go to a place that served these! Wow!

  5. I would'nt want to drink it as it looks pretty! :)


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