Embracing Harmony 5 Days of Me Moments

Ideas for finding time, and ways to enjoy time to yourself.

Five days full of ways to incorporate more Me Time into your life. Each day offers easy ideas to incorporate into your day, grab a cup of tea/coffee and discover what you can do when you have time just for you.

Day 1Find Time for Yourself - Discover 4 ways to find time for yourself

Day 2A Quick and Easy Quiet Time Idea - Journal time

Day 3Can You Find 5 Minutes, an Hour, How About Half a Day? - A list of unique ideas for enjoying time to yourself.

Day 4Join the Conversation - When you are able to find a little time to yourself, what do you like to do? Lots of great ideas shared!

Day 5DIY Friday - Creative Alone Time -Fun things you can do to enjoy your me time a little bit more.

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