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With Embracing Harmony week ending tomorrow, I would love to hear your thoughts. Take a few minutes and Join the Conversation.

Question: When you are able to find a little time for yourself, what do you like to do?

Annette - It depends how much time I have as to what I like to do. If I have a couple of hours, I enjoy thrifting, hitting the antique mall, or wandering through a fabric store. Sometimes I'm looking for something specific and sometimes I'm just looking to see what catches my eye. When I don't have that much time, I like to fix a cup of tea, put my feet up, and browse through my latest magazine. It's relaxing and often inspiring.


Meeling - I love this question! Life is so busy for everyone these days, I think it's really important to take a little time for yourself. I try to take a few minutes everyday and just "escape" to a quiet corner to either read a little, play a favorite word game or maybe even close my eyes for 5 minutes. I always end up feeling refreshed after. I also love to cook, so thankfully for me preparing dinner is usually a fun and relaxing end to my day. Once in a while when I need an extra treat, you'll find me getting a pedicure - in California we live in flip flops nearly year round, so that's my excuse for keeping my toes in tip top shape! :-)

Life is delicious...come follow me and eat it up! 


Gloria - One of the things I do is listen to sparks that I have tucked away. They are ideas, feelings, nudges ... that want me to notice them and give them consideration. All the hours I am awake, I listen to, focus on, and serve others and their needs. In my quiet hours I can be busy, but I listen to, appreciate, and reflect on those sparks.

 If I can get away for a few hours and want to feel refreshed, I take a drive and stop to take photos along the way, walk in a public garden or museum, find someplace totally new to me and have a meal, or see a play. More often for a break at home, music, tea, chocolate, and a big yellow furball are at


Rachel - When I find a little time for myself, I like to work on what I've started to call my "muse projects." they're long ridiculous projects that won't make me any money, are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I feel compelled to try out. So I might choose out a really tough song on the piano and spend a couple of months to half a year diving into it in my spare time (although no one will hear it except the people who live with me ((who will have to forgive me))) and I might not even finish it, (in fact I usaully don't).

 But the beauty of the project isn't really the end-goal, but the half-way there, where I learn how to play piano a little better, or how to compose a story a little better (I've written some terrible books for muse projects, for instance), or how to use photoshop better and more efficiently (I've also made some pretty awful comics), or how to tailor clothes (and there's a half-tailored ugly jacket in my closet I've experimented on), or learned some facts I didn't realize before (like from the huge books on Russia I got from the library but didn't quite finish ((Ps don't ask me anything about Russia I've forgotten already))).

Also, if I felt like I had to finish it, then it would become work, and the last thing I'd do for myself is more work. Without a deadline, it becomes an uplifting part of my day.


Now it's your turn to answer the question. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. I like to make myself a cup of tea and slowly, fully enjoy it:) I try to be "in the moment" as much as possible.

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. Same as Annette, I like to relax with a cup of tea and a magazine :)

  3. When I have time and want to relax, escaping the stress of reality, I read a book and lose myself in its story. It is one way to run away from the demands of everyday life and for a moment see a world of intrigue, adventure, romance.
    I've always loved to day-dream and reading is a wonderful alternative to laying in a field of daisies, watching the clouds roll by as my mind imagines all the things that could be possible . . . or even impossible. :)

  4. I love to sit in the garden with a snack, the dogs, and a good book to read. I have chairs all over the property so I can find a place in the sun no matter what time of day. If it is raining, I just like to look out the front window at the fish in the pond or the birds at the feeder. I follow my breath and just relax into the flow of nature.

  5. This was a great week to check in with your blog, lots of peaceful and inspiring words.

    Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the Conversation!

  6. Wonderful suggestions from lots of great bloggers! Thanks for having me visit your inspiring space!! :-)

  7. I enjoyed reading these responses--I like also how often tea is mentioned haha. I'm so glad the stuff was invented.

  8. This has been a great series this week, Valerie! Thank you for inviting me to join in!

  9. I make crafts, blog or play on Facebook, take a walk or go beachcombing.

  10. Fun reading! so many good tips and ideas to give a try ... and yes, over a cup of tea

  11. I love the responses! I love to watch a great character study type film that moves me when time allows.

  12. I love to go outside and listen to nature. really listen until I can hear the leaves and the grass move and all the different bird songs. The longer I relax doing this the more sounds I hear. It's wonderful!


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