Can You Find 5 Minutes, an Hour, How About a Half a Day?

You can have Me Time adventures regardless of how much time you have. Even with just 5 minutes you can create a moment to recharge.

Sometimes the hardest part of enjoying Me Time is not knowing what you want to do, so it's easy to just sit around or watch TV. 

Now don't get me wrong sometimes just sitting around is just what you need, but it you would like a more meaningful way to experience your time to yourself give some of these ideas a try.

5 Minutes

~Close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths until you feel yourself relax. Do a slow series of stretches further relax your muscles.
~Sit in sun and let the heat soak in.
~Take a brisk walk to get the blood flowing.
~Listen to your favorite song.

1 Hour

~Have lunch at your favorite restaurant. 
~Do an art project.
~Sit in a park and enjoy nature.
~Take a quite bath and relax.
~Take a nap.

Half Day

~Book a spa half day.
~Find a comfy spot, and grab your favorite book and get totally engrossed into a book.
~If your into cooking, make some of your favorite recipes or create new ones.
~Take a afternoon and go out to lunch and then catch a movie.
~Go to all your favorite stores and buy yourself a little something special.

Whole Day

~Visit a city close to you and have a day full oaf art. Go to art galleries and museums and any other favorite place to enjoy art.
~Take a mini road trip. Pack a lunch and drive to a unknown destination.
~Have a creative day. Create all those projects you always wanted to do but didn't have the time.

Whatever you decide to do with your time, remember to do something for yourself. As women we tend to forget about ourselves and do what we need to do for others first. It's important to take time for yourself to rejuvenate. 

When you find time, do something fun! 

If you had a whole day to do something just for yourself, what would it be?

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  1. So true when you say: "...the hardest part of enjoying Me Time is not knowing what you want to do..."

    Thanks for this:)

    Have a great day,


  2. I am lucky to have that option of whole days to myself. Gas prices and traffic keep me tied to this area though, although I'd like to take more day trips. The heat/humidity are starting to show up too, which also makes me stay home.

  3. I like how you've broken down the ideas into different time segments! Sometimes a 5 minute break is a perfect way to mix up a morning or afternoon, but sometimes you really need to take that whole or half day.

  4. thanks for sharing! The hardest part about find Me time is actually doing something that is relaxing. Whenever I have free time I'm usually making things or watching movies or tv. I really like it and it is 'relaxing' but sometimes I just want to disconnect. I have this weekend off from work and the boyfriend will be away so I'm going to try very hard to enjoy time away from laptop and just disconnect.

  5. those are some great tips! I like to do some of the shorter ones on my commute. Block out the world, and think of it as 'me time'

  6. Those are all great ideas! When I have a whole day, I love to make the drive to see my daughter and granddaughter, or meet her halfway and spend the day shopping or just having lunch and hanging out at the bookstore.

  7. Wonderful post about something we should all take a little time to do for ourselves. So often w get too involved in all the hectic parts of life that we forget to take care of ourself - thanks for listing a number of ways for us to unwind and recharge. :)

  8. I love being out in nature on a beautiful day! I will not venture out alone since I worry about safety walking in the woods by myself. My boyfriend will accompany me and he is always a de-stresser!


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