Find Time For Yourself

Just as you give appreciation, acknowledgment, 
adoration, and affection to others, you must also 
give this same kind of love to yourself.

Over the next 5 days their will be tips and ideas for enjoying me moments. Start by making a promise to yourself to take a few minutes everyday for yourself, doing something you enjoy.

4 Ways to make time for yourself
Plan an evening with yourself once a week
Take a class
Lunch alone
Plan a monthly outing (spa treatment, movie, walk etc..)

When you have chosen your me time add it to your calendar and tell your family. It will be easier to actually take time to yourself if you plan ahead.

When are you going to schedule your me time?

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  1. I am one of the few people that has all the me time in the world!

  2. Great advice! I love lunching alone once in a while. It's quiet, gives time to think, read etc...

    btw - love the photo...poppies are amongst my favorite flowers!

  3. what a beautiful, beautiful picture! and great advice!

  4. I hope to have some "me" time very soon :)
    That photo is so beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photo! Starting June 1, I'm scheduling 30 minutes each morning (early - before DH is awake) to walk (I'm a fair weather walker), or read or sew.

  6. Distractions! Scheduling sounds like a great idea. The blue flowers mixed in amongst the red and green makes this photo really pretty.

  7. I never thought about actually scheduling it in. Great idea!

  8. My husband and I both work from home, so we are around each other pretty much all the time... but he has daily commitments out of the house, and I always try to take a break while he's gone just to enjoy the quiet time... It's so true we have to remember to take time for ourselves too.

    Happy Monday, love the flower picture! xo.

  9. Me time is a challenge to scheduled but it is so important!


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