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My shop was featured on Scoutie Girl this past week, stop by and leave a comment. It's a great blog and I am honored to be featured. Thanks Tara!

I can't say it's been a booming week, because it's been slow. I am still waiting for that holiday rush and I hope it happens this weekend.

I am working on taking pictures of my new pieces and I will be posting new items all week. I am going to start working on one of a kind pieces that I will be listing in Etsy and 1000 Markets shops in December.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special
Everything in my Etsy shop will have
November 27 - 30


If you missed last weeks post Journal Prompt take a second and check it out, it will inspire you to start thinking about your plans for 2010.

Also on Wednesday's post Amazing Museums, DJ from eye shutter to think added a link to another amazing building you have to check out. The link is in the comments section.

I know it is a holiday week, but I will still post everyday. Tuesday I will have an accessory trend you can't miss, Wednesday's Photo's to Inspire will feature holiday centerpieces and table settings, and Friday my favorites from Etsy and 1000 Markets.


I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this week, for the first time in a long time it is going to be just me, my husband, my daughter, and our dogs of course, and we have decided to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving, so no Turkey. I am looking forward to cooking some of our family favorites, and my daughter is going to a bake pie and cookies.

My husband gets home Tuesday after being on a 3 week long business trip and we have missed him a lot! I know he can't wait to be home and relax and we are all looking froward to a nice weekend hanging out as a family.

Have a great week!

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  1. Congratulations on being featured on scoutie girl!Its lovely when the hard work pays off!


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