Creative Happenings - My Show

Wow, what a show I had this past weekend!

My sister and I were busy all day, and my feet still hurt to prove it.

We started our day very early for our 1 drive to the city. The weather was wonderful for a November day in Chicago, sunny and 50. We arrived at Pulaski Park Auditorium unloaded all the bins, tables, and supplies. I am sure we looked special pushing all that stuff down the street, stopping for all the cracks and trying to move our cart up and down the curbs.

We had one hour to set up, so we had to work very quickly. Amazingly we were able to get everything done and the booth turned out great.

Photo's from my booth at the end of the day from my cell phone.

As soon as the door opened the customers poured in, and we had wave after wave all day long. We meet lots of great people and enjoyed talking with everybody. If you were at the show thanks again for stopping by!

We had customers till the end of the day, and when it was time to pack up we were tired!

As much fun as the day was, I was really happy to be home. My sister fell a sleep before 9:00 pm and I barely made it to 10:30, the earliest I have been to bed on a Saturday in a long time.

Shows are great fun and a lot of work, I am glad its behind me, now it can be all about the holidays.
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  1. That is really great!! I am very happy for you... shows are seeming to be very difficult this year... It's wonderful to hear of a success! :)

  2. congrats on your successful show!


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