Awaken your Creativity - A New Perspective

Do you ever get into a creative rut? Making the same thing over and over, or a different version of the same thing? Sometime you have to step back, and think like someone else.

Try looking at creativity from another persons perspective.

Choose a creative trade that is different from what you do now, but that you might enjoy.

Need some ideas:
Automobile designer
Lighting designer
Fashion Designer

Now in your sketchbook or journal create a list of how they would find inspiration, skills they might need, what materials they would work with, how they would advertise their product.

You could also do this same project using a inspiring picture of something you love, and try to figure out their source of inspiration, what skills they used, the materials used, where you might find an advertisement for the product.

Take your time, you don't have to do this process all at once. It's just a simple exercise to help you look at things differently.

It does not matter which option you choose, when you are done you will have a list of new inspiration sources, possible new skills you could learn, new materials you could work with, and some new advertising ideas. Just adapt these ideas to what you have available, your time, and your skills.

Hang onto the list and refer back to it in the future or even when you are planning your goals for 2010.

What creative trade would you analyze?
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