Start Your Plan

Tuesdays post Do This First had suggestions for reviewing your year and preparing to plan out your New Year goals.

Today I have a short list of things to think about when creating your list of goals/plans for 2013.

This list is to help with the general frame work for your plan, so it's OK to be vague in the ideas you list. Think of this list as a brainstorming guide to start your planning process.

What are your general goals? Do you want to create a new line? Double your income? Sell wholesale? Do more shows?

Review your monthly income. What months were more profitable? Why? Are there things you did one month that were better then others? Do you see any trends for next year?

Crunch your numbers, find out what did really well and what might need to be retired.

List any events, shows, vacations, and launches you would like to have in the new year.

Make a list of other makers you would like to communicate with or maybe meet in person.

It's easy to make a list of things you want to accomplish in the new year, but taking the time to brainstorm things you want to achieve will make the process of creating your goals easier.

Do you have some big plans for 2013?

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  1. Great list for organizing our plans and goals for 2013. It definately helps to write all these things down and revisit the list throughout the year.

  2. Definitely a great plan. I've been stressing this past year over financials even though I have a new job that pays pretty well. I need to sit down after Christmas and set my budget for this coming year. I don't want to be stressed anymore and want to know exactly where my money is going to go when it comes in.

  3. I have no plans for 2013. It never seems to work out. Like the Jam sang, 'planners get embarrassed when their plans go wrong....'

  4. I guess maybe it's sad to say I haven't even thought about 2013. I need to get through Christmas and then I can think about next year!

  5. Big plans? Hhhmmm...I still have to think on that one. But this post is definitely getting me motivated!

  6. I actually just wrote a post yesterday about some of plans for the next six months. Now, that I'm done with school I can focus on my business. I'm really excited to do so.


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