DIY Friday - Tasty Holiday Treats

My family and I are having a New Years Eve party this year, so I have been on the hunt for different treats to serve. I found some great ideas you may want to try for your holiday gatherings too. Enjoy!

Black Forest Bark
Eggnog Monkey Bread
Cherry Cream Cheese Shortbread
Lemon Tea Cookies
Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Stick
Gingerbread cupcake
What are your favorite treats to serve during the holidays?
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  1. I love lemon flavor, so my pick is the lemon tea cookies, but they all look fabulous!

  2. PS - One of the family favorites of all time for the holidays, though, is Pumpkin Pie. =0)

  3. oh man those lemon cookies look delicious!! can you share the recipe?

  4. I love lemon cookies too! If you click on the caption under each picture it will take you directly to recipes.
    Have a great day!

  5. I hope that you have a great party! You've included a wonderful mix of party foods here.

  6. Those cupcakes are so adorable! Have fun planning your party. :)


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