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As we move forward with our plans for the New Year, creating lists, determining goals, and making plans, it's important to look back at the current year to help with your planning process.

To reach the success you desire in 2013 you need to review 2012 for the good, the bad, and the ugly. This type of evaluation of your business will guide you to making bigger and achievable goals.
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This process can be as simple as creating lists of everything you did for your business in 2012 and giving it a rating. You could also get in more depth with this process by writing out what things you worked and what didn't work this year and why.

Whichever method you choose looking back at your business is a great starting point for your new 2013 plans.

Some things to note on in your review process:

How much you made
What were your expenses
What materials or equipment you invested in
What investments did not work
How did you track your money - did it work? Is it time for a new system?

Did you meet your inventory goals
Is your work space working the way it's set up now
Were the supplies you had adequate

Did you meet your marketing goals
What social media worked and what didn't
Was marketing an effective part of your business

Also note, what goals you set for yourself in 2012, if you meet them, and what you need to change to meet them next year.

This process will take a little time. Give yourself and hour or two to write everything out, determine what you want to move forward with, what you want to stop doing, and what you need to do to see the growth you are looking for in 2013.

This process is a personal journey. No one ever has to see what you wrote, and you alone get to make all the decisions.

Enjoy the process! You may find when your done, and you move forward in 2013 you will feel more comfortable and confident about your business.

To further help you with this process, watch for the Year in Review printable at the end of the month.

Do you review your year before you make plans for the new year?

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  1. Considering I am a very organized person, my 'business' is in such disarray. I just loathe that part of it. I just want to make stuff.

  2. This is why we write a Xmas letter, LOL!!!

    Some awesome advice :)

    Cheers, T. :)


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