Vacation Journal

When you travel don't forget your journal. Try to take a few minutes everyday and jot down your thoughts of the the day, the places that you visited, inspiring things that you saw, and any new ideas.

Traveling is a great time to let your mind relax and open up to new ideas. All the new sites, sounds, and smells will inspire you.

Not into writing, then try a photo journal instead. Take lots of pictures of inspiring sites, and keep a small note book with the ideas that were inspired by the picture. When you get home you can organize them to have as a future reference.

Not traveling this year, try this journal prompt to get your creative juices flowing:
On my dream vacation I want to visit/see/try/experience...

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  1. Great tip. It's nice when after a time or so and you browse back your travel journal, it brings you back to that particular place and time...Awesome.

  2. We kept a journal when we did a trip overseas when I was a child. I found it again when I was about 19 and it was a fascinating read and reminded me of the colours, flavours and places we had been.

  3. I love this idea, and have practiced it once on a vacation to Maine. I LOVE to go back and read it, and smile and laugh at the kids' contributions to the journal. Their artwork, thoughts, etc are so great to remember!
    Going on another road trip and gonna have another journal. I will post about it when we are back - on my blog http://www.raigecreations.blogspot.com. Thanks for these great inspirational ideas!


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