Organizing for summer vacation - Pre-packing 101

Do you over pack?

The art of packing does not have to be hard if you keep a few things in mind:

1. Plan ahead - with your destination in mind and list activities planned, start considering what you will wear from head to toe

•Based on your activities think about your needs, a swimsuit, tennis shoes, evening wear, or workout gear

2. Inspect luggage - make sure your luggage is clean, functioning correctly, and clearly marked as yours

•Check the seams and zipper by stuffing pillows/blankets in your bag and make sure it zips correctly and no seams are bulging

•Clearly print name and address on luggage tag and use something to distinguish your bag from another (tie a colorful ribbon or string to handle)

3. Stock up – purchase travel size items or travel size containers for toiletries

•Keep in mind if a hotel stay is part of your travels, toiletries are available in your room or at the front desk – if for a short time you can handle using soap, shampoo, conditioner or lotion that is not “your” brand, you can save a lot of space while packing

•If you are flying the following link is for the TSA carry-on liquids rule: http://www.tsa.gov/311/index.shtm

A little over 10 years ago I spent 16 days in Europe on a business trip and I packed EVERYTHING in a carry-on bag. I know it is hard to believe I packed two weeks of outfits and shoes in a carry-on bag, but I did, and you can too!

The key was pre-planning, a good bag, and 3oz containers. My secret was a very clever packing technique I learned watching the Oprah Show (more about packing in the next post).

Recently, I was on the road for a week for a combination business trip and weekend get-a-way. I managed to take 4 pairs of shoes and I had a different outfit for everyday (I know someone out there thinks I’m a size 2 with tiny feet, but I am a size 16 and I wear 9 shoes).

With a good plan, you can pack light too!

Pam Moore
Open Space
Pam Moore - An aspiring organizer attempting to conquer one space at a time. As a professional coordinator, she sees the big picture, then breaks it down into details, to achieve end results. She uses these skill in organizing spaces by assessing clients needs and collaboratively finding solutions for functional spaces. You won't need an organizer, you can look forward to tips and tricks through out the year to organize your own space.

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  1. This is great! I really need to learn how to travel light, But have yet to master it.

    <3 Kelly


  2. this post is perfect, because I'm being transferred in 3 days, and can only take what fits in a suitcase. I'll be gone 2 months, so I just printed this off and can't wait to use it tonight!

  3. I always over pack! You have a really great blog here!!!

  4. Ug. I hate packing! I usually manage to pack light and I have even more incentive now that most airlines are charging for checked luggage!! :)

  5. Perfect timing for summer vacations! Thanks!

  6. Wow. I am impressed. I always try to pack light. I just wish I needed these tips this summer. So far, no real vacation planned.


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