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It was a rough week for me. I was really sick Monday, and you may have noticed I did not have a new post on Tuesday. It took me all week to get my strength back and it made me realize that having a schedule and a plan for my blog is helpful.

I was doing really good having a weekly plan at the beginning of the year and I have slacked off a little, well after last week I know I will get back on schedule starting this coming month.

Pam had her last post sharing her tips and ideas for organizing a space and showing all the embarrassing photo's of my studio in chaos. She will be back a few times throughout the year sharing more tips organizing tips.

The popular post last week was Do You Love Everything you create? Check it out, lots of great comments and room for more.

A new guest post in the Artist Inspiration Series coming this Friday!

Stop by everyday, for sharing inspiring and creative ideas.


I started adding new items to my Etsy shop last week and more coming this week, check it out and let me know what you think.

Have a great week!
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