Transformations 2010 - Pulling it All Together

When transforming a space identify the one thing you love. As you are planning, keep in mind how you will highlight that one thing. I knew I wanted to highlight Valerie's books. I wanted to make sure the books were center stage.

When displaying the items you love add art, pottery, candles or pictures to the display area to break up similar items and to create visual flow. Using knickknacks will help change heights and create dimension in the area.

If possible, move storage containers below to create display areas above. If you have things you need, but not on a regular basis, move it below out of your line of sight and label it.

While transforming your space you may move something and realize the new location does not work for you. Don't force yourself to get use to it, this process is all trial and error, so move it back.

We ran into this challenge while working on Valerie's workshop. In the end the garbage can, clock, heater, and one of two dogs stayed in their original location. After a couple of days Valerie adjusted to the new location of her calendar and printer and the second dog adjusted the her new spot as well.

Organizing should not stifle your productivity. When you transform your space don't give up your sources of inspiration. If you like a little chaos find news ways of creating it in your space without sacrificing organization.

Now how many of you are going, "huh"?

In Valerie's workshop we recreated chaos on her inspiration board and we selected vibrant fabric for a room dividing screen. You could always frame your before your transformation picture and keep them close.


1. After you clean your space invite people in to see it. The positive feedback is a great motivator for keeping it clean.

2. Downsize enough to have room to grow

3. Take before and after shots. Looking at your space in a photo may help you see things you overlook while in the space.

4. Make sure your space has proper lighting after the transformation

5. Take baby steps!

Who knew blogging could be so much fun. All of the tips shared in the last few weeks of Transformation 2010 are yours to run with, so go, be inspired to transform your space.

Stay tune for future organization posts in 2010.

Pam Moore - An aspiring organizer attempting to conquer one space at a time. As a professional coordinator, she sees the big picture, then breaks it down into details, to achieve end results. She uses these skill in organizing spaces by assessing clients needs and collaboratively finding solutions for functional spaces. You won't need an organizer, you can look forward to tips and tricks through out the year to organize your own space.

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  1. There's something so satisfying about rolling up your sleeves and really whipping a room into shape like that. I'm usually a little tempted to turn my son's room into a workshop - he never uses it anyway. Your tips have me seriously considering it!

    PS: I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.com/2010/01/poster-sketch-sunshine-award.html

  2. I love your point about how Organization should not stifle your productivity..it's very true..some people need a little bit of disorderliness to sprout creativity..but others require a place for all things..no one can fit into the same box.

  3. Great ideas! I love being organized, but have accepted that my studio space gets messy each time I use it :) I try to reorganize things at least weekly, to avoid complete chaos!


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