Artist to Know - George Vlosich III

Today I am featuring a artist who creates truly original and unique one of a kind work.

George Vlosich III - Etch A Sketch Artist

George Vlosich III started working on his craft creating Etch Sketch Art when he was 10 years old.

Each of his creations takes 70 - 80 hours to create, and he has created a special technique to preserve the art on the screen forever.

Each of his pieces is unique and cannot be duplicated.

He starts his process with a detailed sketch. Working in one continuous line he creates a likeness of what or who he is etching and then adds the shading.

Enjoy his amazing work. You can read more about George Vlosich III on the GVART+DESIGN website.

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  1. How is that possible??? That's absolutely incredible! I wonder how he permanently preserves it on the Etch a Sketch. Wow, thanks for sharing. I'm in such AWE right now :)

  2. If you click on the link for the website their is a little bit about how her preserves the art. I'm with you TLC , it is turly amazing!

  3. I was never good at those. Anyone that can do that is awesome!

  4. That is just incredible! The etch a scetch was one of my favorite toys as a kid but I never did anything close to this! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Ooh I love the Michael Jackson one!! Very cool.

  6. i don't get it.wat's so good about this, anyone can do it if they have time.
    i just don't like those who draw famous people in order to make themselves famous.

    shame, they r just combination of photos put together and copied. i just don't see how this is called ART
    ------this is user

  7. anonymous: so, by your standards paintings and drawings of people or items that exist aren't considered art either, because they are just "copies" of things that already exist? your argument is very weak.

    and i doubt his intentions were to "draw famous people in order to make himself famous". they are recognizable people who he portrayed in his art probably because he either admires them or thought they would be entertaining for his viewers to look at and recognize.

    don't be so critical. i doubt YOU could do this, even if you had all the time in the world.


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