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I created a few pieces this past week and added them to my Etsy shop. Be on the look out for more new stuff this week.

Now that my studio is clean and organized (thanks to Pam), I have found books I have not seen in a long time. I have been going through them and my creative juices are really flowing.

Ideas for new pieces I will be adding to my shop this year: Hardware and sterling silver, hardware mixed with materials like wood, gemstones, and lake stones, as well as large one of a kind pieces. I hope to bump my inventory up to 150 pieces with a variety of unique hardware designs.

Be the first to see new items as I create them, I will post new stuff here on my blog, Facebook, and in my newsletter (coming soon) first. They are all easy to follow just check the right side bar.

Don't forget 15% off selected items in my Etsy Shop!


I was thrilled to have my first guest blogger post by Pam,this past week. Check out her post Transformations 2010 - Getting Started. She will have a new post this Tuesday, with pictures from my transformed studio, don't miss it.

A couple of other noteworthy posts from last week were What is Art? and What do you like to Read? Don't forget to check out the comments too.

This week I will have more things to inspire you to be creative, so stop by everyday to share ideas.

Have a great week!
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