Transformations 2010 - The Process

The Space

Valerie's workshop is in the basement of her home. Like many homes, the basement has many functions including bulk storage and laundry.

As a whole the workshop lacked flow and visual open space. Every surface was covered and every shelf stored something. The idea of opening the space and not having the shelves used for storage was a challenging adjustment for Valerie.

The Process

Changing an unorganized space does not have to be an admission of messiness. Instead, it can be a demonstration of your courage to move towards better function. As part of the process we had to throw away or give away several items to make room for streamlining her workshop.

Before - Entrance Area

To start, I choose the area closest to the entrance of the workshop for immediate visual impact. I was intentional about starting there so each day when we entered the workshop we would see our progress.

After - Organized Sewing Area (by entrance)

The area we started with had photo equipment, household bulk items and arts & craft supplies. We moved the bulk items to shelves not directly in her workshop and temporarily relocated the photo equipment. Lastly, we tackled the shelves storing the arts and craft supplies.

After - The former arts & craft storage area

The process of going through the arts & craft supplies required looking at everything and deciding what should be saved, given away or thrown away. This reduced the number of unused items being stored, but not used. Setting limits is helpful as a demonstration of your ability to downsize.


1. Take baby steps - only tackle one area at a time

2. Find a new place for the stuff that "should" not be in your space

3. Mark your calendar for your next step - write down a plan

Question: What challenges do you have for tackling your tough space?

Post by - Pam Moore from Open Space

Pam Moore - An aspiring organizer attempting to conquer one space at a time. As a professional coordinator, she sees the big picture, then breaks it down into details, to achieve end results. She uses these skill in organizing spaces by assessing clients needs and collaboratively finding solutions for functional spaces. You won't need an organizer, you can look forward to tips and tricks through out the year to organize your own space.
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  1. It is so much nicer to work in an organized area... I always find the hard part to be keeping it that way!

  2. nice blog, wonderful redo on your work space, I need to reorganize my tiny abode, getting cluttered.

  3. It's great having everything organized. Good luck!


  4. I love having everything organized, and I find myself putting things back where they sould go and trying to keep it neat.

    Next week she has more pictures of my scary workshop. Stop back and see how she transformed it.

  5. we recently moved and i need to get my new craft room organized...i have never had my own room for it and am thrilled yet so so scared of how much STUFF i have managed to accumulate! thanks for the motivation!


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