Creative Brainstorming

I recently did two posts, one asking you What does success mean to you? and the other What do you want in your life? If you have not had a chance to read them, take a few minutes and check them out.

Having the answer to these two question will give you a foundation to writing out your strategic plan for 2010. To figure out what you want to achieve, review your answers and start brainstorming.

Create a list of achievements you want for 2010, don't hold back, don't limit your answer's to budget constraints, not enough skills, or even time issues. Just start listing.

Once your list is done combine everything that is similar or will reach the same objective. When you are done you should have a good start to achievable goals.

Now, if you have learn a new skill, figure out your budget, or find a new effective marketing ideas, use this week to do some research. Find places you can take some classes, or do online classes, check out accounting software, create a list of where you can market.

Next week when you create you plan for 2010 you will want to be specific about how you are going to reach your objectives and this information will be necessary.

Are you ready to create a workable plan for 2010?

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