Creativity Boost

Want to jump start your creativity?

Step out of your comfort zone

Start by overcoming your creative fears - Need ideas check this out

Use color's you don't like and never use - You might be surprised

Try a new technique - Something you always wanted to try? Now is the time

Look at books and magazines in different mediums - go to the library and do this for free

Start a sketchbook - Want to know how to get started or even make one? Click here

Join a networking group - want more info? Read this

Plan a creative Day - Need some ideas to get you started? Check here

Stepping out of your comfort zone could lead to several new ideas. Make sure you carry a notebook and pencil with you so you can jot down all your new ideas as they come to you.

Enjoy you boost of creativity!
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1 comment:

  1. I read your post on planning a creative day yesterday. Sounds like fun. I should do that sometime...

    Your blog banner is gorgeous! I don't remember seeing it when I was here recently...

    Have a happy saturday!


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