Business Tip Tuesday

Today's tip is an easy one that just requires some of your time.

Join a local group and network

Try a business group, an art guild, or a parents group, join a group that you will enjoy and want to be member.

Being a part of a group is not all about getting sales, but about gaining knowledge to make your life and your business easier, meeting new people that could help you, and if they become customers along the way thats a plus.

I have been part of a few groups for years and this year I have made a commitment to myself to really participate in a couple of groups that I think could help me and my business grow. Since I spend a lot of my time by myself working at home it will also be a great way for me to meet new people to network with. I have joined committees and I'm trying to do my part. I don't expect to necessarily gain customers, but all my new contact could benefit me in the future.

Don't look at joining groups as a quick fix to making your business grow fast. Think of it in terms of exposure for your business, making new friends, gaining knowledge, and having some fun.
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