All about the Guys

This week is all about the guys at Additions Style.
All week (4/6 - 4/12) in my Etsy shop I will be adding all new man's jewelry and accessories. Each day will be something new and all the men's items in my shop will have FREE SHIPPING.
Also, this week on my blog I show a selection of men's accessories found in Etsy shops, Tuesday I will share a great business tip from my husband, some great information about the difference between men and women shopper, and why selling to men can boost your sales.
So stop by each day it's Guys Week at Additions Style.

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1 comment:

  1. Very cool. I still contend that the best supplies can be found in my husband's shop. He gets pretty grumpy when he catches me in there with a magnet looking for the stainless stuff!



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