Motivation Monday

Life rushes between the mundane and madness
Contentment is often found in moderation.
Balance is elusive.
Be simply seeking it allows you to avoid excesses.
Don't make it a contest:
allow things to happen naturally.
You'll be surprised how often they center themselves,
and open up vast possibilities.

Now Is the Time by Patrick Linkdsay

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  1. I love it! This is beautiful, and so true! ♥

  2. Wow. What an amazing photo! Excellent motivation for the week, especially the "allow things to happen naturally" part. =0)

  3. It took me a moment to get the gist of the quotation by Patrick Linkdsay. Sometimes poetic writing can overshadow the message and one, such as myself, has to read between the lines. When I simplified it to is basic elements suddenly the message became abundantly clear.

    Life rushes
    Contentment found in being moderate (moderation = balance = contentment))
    Balance may appear to be elusive . . . but by seeking balance you avoid excesses
    This (life and the conquest for balance) is not a contest:

    Let things happen naturally, they'll center themselves (become balanced) and open up possibilities.

    Unfortunately it is true that we tend to try to force things, try too hard to make things happen and end up upsetting the balance even more.

  4. Another great quote! Since I have been forced to take it easy lately I have been sort of living this sentiment.

  5. Powerful words, Powerful photo :) T.


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