Fun Ways to Enjoy Summer

It's the time of year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  Take a day off and get away from your work, remember a relaxed mind is a creative mind.

Today I am sharing a list of fun things you can do as a family, a couple, and or even by yourself.

Family Fun

Spend an afternoon playing with your kids - blow bubbles, play with sidewalk chalk, have a water balloon fight.

Go on a picnic - pack up a few snacks and head for a park near you, and enjoy an afternoon under a shade tree.

Be a tourist in your hometown - visit local shops, stop at places you drive by everyday, find new sites to check out.

Have a family craft day - perfect for a rainy day. Break out some art supplies and spend some time creating. Maybe make a family collage, having each person create their own piece and bring them all together on one canvas.

Start a summer family journal - encourage everyone to write or draw something about what they did each day.

Couples Fun

Get away for a long weekend - you don't have to go far, just enjoy spending time away from home.

Bike around town - stop at places you have never been before.

Attend a free summer concert - in a town near you.

On a rainy day spend the day snuggled together watching movies on TV

Spend a day exploring flea markets, antique shops, and garage sales.

Alone Time

Do a fun art project - work with materials you don't usually use, explore new ideas.

Create your own art day - visit a museum or gallery, window shop, take your sketchbook to a park.

Spend a rainy day reading you favorite art book or flipping through magazines.

Pamper yourself - polish your nails, wash your hair and let it air dry outside.

Do nothing - don't make plans, just spend the day sitting outside.

These are just a few ideas for having fun this summer.

What are some fun things you like to do when the weather is warm?

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  1. I did just that on Monday! We finally had some sunny weather and I just had to get out and soak up some rays :)

  2. Enjoying a lot of family time this year. My parents are visiting from India, so my girls and I are really having some quality time!

    Indeed Summer is a great time!

  3. I stay out of the warm as much as possible in a/c. But I have been known to take a day trip on a hot/humid day every now and then.

  4. I'm always waiting for the shade to come before I go outside, but I do love sitting in the fresh air and feeling the breeze. I love so many of the ideas on your list, and fully intend to check some of them off... starting with a free summer concert we are going to on Saturday, yay! :)

    Hope you are practicing what you preach here Valerie, haha... xo!!

  5. So many ideas! I always feels good to be outside since we are in cold environements all winter. One of my favorite summer things to do is to stroll around looking at flowers. My boyfriend and I did one of these couple things over the 4th watching movies. It was not due to rain but super heat and humidity that kept us inside with the a/c!

  6. Great ideas :)

    I LOVE strolling on the beach and watching the sunset over the Ocean :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  7. Summer is such a wonderful time to get out and have fun! We've been having all kinds of outings this month already!

  8. Wonderful list of ways to enjoy the summer. Think tomorrow I'll mix up a pitcher of lemonade using lemons off of our little lemon tree. The poor little thing is loaded with lemons this year and as they say; "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". :)

  9. You've shared lots of great ideas here, and I love how you made a section for family, couples and alone time. =0)


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