Your Relationship with Time


I talk about it a lot on this blog, because it is one of the thing I struggle with most. In this post I shared how this summer my plan is to create a routine, so I can better manage my time.

I have been reading a lot about time management lately, so I can learn new skills to use my time more wisely.

Is time something you struggle with?

Here are three question to ask yourself to evaluate your relationship with time.

How do you feel when you are not managing your time effectively?
What results do you expect when you are managing your time more effectively?
What has to happen in your work day for you to feel good about your productivity?

Your answers should help you figure out how to use your time more effectively. Knowing how you feel, the results you get, and your productivity process, will make a difference in your relationship with time. You will know what to look for and how to implement those techniques on a daily basis.

Do you feel productive everyday?
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  1. I don't manage time well b/c of the damn internet and trying to keep up with blogging and facebook and email.

  2. Applause to JoJo :D

    Years ago when I worked an 8 to 5 job it was easy to manage my time but I find with today's internet my time is siphoned off in too many directions. Sure I could cut back on many of these sites but with an online shop I know that the more links I have the larger my presence becomes and my SEO rankings go up proportionally.

    I already have more online places to visit each time I have to promote a new item that I listed in my shop than I have hours in the day. And just this week I've been debating about 2 more sites - LinkedIn and Google+. The thought of maintaining yet two more sites actually makes me cringe.
    I see so many young people with their smart phones glued to their palms constantly interacting with all their social sites and media connections and wonder what type of social life they have in the REAL world.
    The time management of years gone by doesn't truly take into account this vast distraction of our internet and its ever growing social networking.

  3. I'm pretty good about watching my time, but the internet for sure can be a drain on it if I'm not careful. If I have things that really need to get done, I always try and do those first. Setting a timer while on the internet too is a great way of keeping track of one's time. 30 minutes online goes in an instant!!

  4. I agree with the other posts. Unless I am really disciplined, the internet will keep me from being productive.

    I don't feel productive every day.
    I always check things off my TO DO list, but rarely get to the bottom of it.

  5. I am a list maker. I need to check things off so I feel like I'm not standing still. I also make sure I get the list granular enough so I don't put huge projects down as just one item ... then I feel stressed that I'm making to progress! I need to check off all the little items that have to get done to complete the project.

  6. I used to be great with time management. Now it's definitely something I could work on to improve!

  7. I can so relate to this today Valerie! I am trying to create more space and less clutter in my life this year. I feel like I've been so busy wandering around doing things, that I have been doing too much, and not getting enough done.

    I'm hoping by clearing some of the stuff I always try to do, from my schedule, that by simplifying, I'll be more productive, and have more time to focus on the things that are most important to me.

    Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful summer, I need to catch up on your posts!

    ♥ Janell


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