Summer Plans

My usual plan for Summer is building inventory for shows and holiday online sales, and getting organized. This summer will be no exception.

Finding time to be outside and visit with friends and family is also high on my list.

My priority this Summer will be making lots of jewelry and working on creating a routine, so I can have the time I need to enjoy the season.

Having a routine will also help when things pick up in the Fall and Winter making me more productive, which is one of my overall goals for the year.

What are your Summer plans?
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  1. Good luck on building your inventory for the fall. I'm hoping to do the same.
    My plan is to stay caught up during the week so I can enjoy the weekends and not be thinking about work all the time!

  2. I am also hoping to build inventory for Fall craft shows and the holidays, and hopefully develop some scrap-friendly products.

    I also want to start walking on a regular basis early in the mornings when it is not so hot. My work, especially during tax season, is sedentary. I need to move more.
    I also want to try structuring my day with designated times to: Walk/ Sew / Computer / Research / Volunteer -- allowing myself some flexibility, of course.

    I also have a family reunion in SD in July and a trip to NH in August.

    Good luck! Enjoy your summer.

  3. I'll be home with my boys this Summer. I'm not working Summer school so that I can hang out at home and get some things done that just never seem to get done otherwise. Painting the kitchen walls is high on my list this year - it's time for a freshen up! Hopefully too I'll have some time to sew, something I haven't had any time to do lately.

  4. I have a lot of things going on this summer that are not business related. I'm hoping that I still manage to work full time, grow business, and do my other travels without much of an interference. Good luck with summer shows!

  5. I'm like my cats - I love my routine :)
    Hoping for a little sun this summer + summer sewing workshops!

  6. With the sewing room redo going on, I hope to spend the summer getting the room organized and start sewing again. Also planning a road trip with my daughter and granddaughter!

  7. Hiding from the heat & humidity as usual.

  8. Building up the inventory is a great idea.

    My weeks are going to fly by decluttering the basement once and for all. Enjoying some evenings on the deck sounds like my reward.


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