Creating Breathing Room

If you have been around for awhile you might remember in 2010 my sister the organizer helped me organize my office/studio so that is was more efficient. You can see all the photos and read all about the process here.

Before studio in 2010
After 2010
Well we did it again. Since I work in the basement I decided I wanted my space to look a little nicer.

I recruited my husband and father to paint my space, my sister and I created a desk with an old door some crates and some tiles, and we reorganized everything.

Preparing to paint
New paint colors
The desk I created
My work space and inspiration board
My desk area and a second work space when I need assistance.

I am thrilled with my new space, it added the perfect amount of breathing space for the area that I spend a majority part of my day. It is a pleasure to go to work these days.

What have you done to your space for the New Year?

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  1. I love your new desk! The crates are such a great idea for storage and the tile on top finishes it off nicely.
    My studio needs a major overhaul! And more storage spaces needs it even more!

  2. Very nice space Valerie! I am still waiting to have a work space of my own. . .

  3. It looks great!! I love it!!! I'm just trying to keep my table as organized as possible. I can't create unless it's tidy.

  4. Great work space! I love the desk you made with reused material. Very cool! My work space is perfect although I am constantly tweeking my storage of inventory as it grows.

  5. nice! I actually just cleaned up my work area recently. I have a closet where I keep all of my supplies and then a shelving area near my work desk. Underneath my work desk was a clutter of cords and cables! Driving me insane. I recruited my boyfriend to help figure out a better to get them out of my way so I be more comfortable.

  6. good for you! that must feel so great to have that accomplished and to use it daily

  7. Isn't it wonderful how paint and a little ingenuity can go such a long way to making a space feel so great!

  8. What a refreshing overhaul for the new year!

  9. It's always so nice to get a fresh start! p.s. I love your inspiration wall.

  10. Good for you! how nice to have the space to work and be inspired!!

  11. Love your new space! I'll need to declutter my Girl Cave after tax season.

  12. LOVE your new desk. It's always good to organize and/or reorganize. I find that it always boosts some new creativity. =0)
    On that note, you've reminded me that it's time to do some reorganizing of our cluttered work space. LOL

  13. Your inspiration board is huge, love that! What have I done- plan to get things more streamlined, put more things off the desk and onto the wall. I have a little 4 ft wide desk and of that just a little bit of open space! Thanks for showing your renewed workspace ♥

  14. I am thinking that I need to hire you and your sister to come help me organize my work space. :)

  15. I love how organized your space is, the inspiration board is amazing! And your so creative with re-using crates and things to create a desk!

    Its funny that you post this, because I am in serious need of organizing my space, its like papers and things everywhere!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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