How Big?

Have you ever thought about having a big successful creative business? 

Today I have five questions to help you figure out how big you want your business, and the advantages to putting your plans into action.

Five Questions

How big can your handcrafted business be?

What are the advantages to making yourself look like a big company?

How would the way you present yourself affect the work you do or how you do it?

How would your work change if you achieved your professional goals?

How can you make people think they are dealing with a large established company?

Take your time to answer each question. Once you are done reread your answers. Put them away for a day or two and reread them again. Would you change anything? What can you implement right now in your daily business? 

Click the form below to print off your copy of the five questions.
Click here for the question form

Now that you know how big you want your company to grow, why not start acting like the company you want to be.

Do you have dreams of growing your creative business?
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  1. I cannot answer the first question yet! Leave alone the rest! Whoa! Time to Re think!

  2. This is definitely food for thought! I'd love to continue to grow my business, but I'm not ready for certain things yet like renting a building and hiring help. So I'm taking my growth slowly and enjoying the fact that I can work from home :) This is something that is always on my mind though!

  3. Great questions but to be honest, all I want to do is be the artist. I just want to make pretty things and have someone else do all the promotions, shows, websites and financial part. I have zero interest in that stuff. Tax returns, business accounts....so not my thing. And that's what's keeping me back. I just can't seem to get the business started b/c I find that minutiae to be so daunting and unpleasant that I keep putting it off.

  4. I have to admit, I'm with Jo Jo. I am an artist and struggle with the 'left sided stuff'. I love to create and as long as it can pay its way, support my horses,give me a little financial Independence and some extra to donate to a charity I'm in happy land.x Julie

  5. Jo Jo says it quite well for most of us artist. Our passion is in creating our art, not in marketing and promoting it. But if we don't do it then who will? Especially if we can't afford to hire anyone to do the odious task for us. :D

    To be honest I doubt that I could grow my art into a very large enterprise as I pride myself on making my own jewelry by hand. I do know a lady that lucked into a major department store contract (Saks 5th) that sells her handcrafted jewelry in all of their Florida stores. Unfortunately she now just designs her jewelry and others make it. To me that smacks of second person art. Like owning a Picasso that's painted by Claudius Flibber-flobber.

  6. Yes, yes, and yes. That's the way to think if you want to succeed. It sometimes can happen in more time than you think but yet if you've got it all visualized it's half accomplished!


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