DIY Friday - Cool Drinks

I love Friday nights, hanging out on the deck with a fun drink. Since I have been on Pinterest I have found so many amazing drink ideas. Here are a few fun summer drinks to try to keep cool any night of the week.

Blue Ocean
Lava Flow
Lemon Vodka Slushy
Raspberry Mojito
For all my friends who prefer a non-alcoholic drinks, you can make most of these drinks without the alcohol or try the recipes below.

Watermelon Lime frosty
Strawberry Lemonade
Here are a couple of ideas to make your drinks more fun.

Freeze fruit or mint in your ice cubes
Turn your drinks into popcicles
Whatever kind of drink you like, enjoy your evenings and stay cool!

What is your favorite summer drink?
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  1. I saw some lovely edible flowers frozen into ice cubes for summer drinks, also in Pinterest! So many great ideas on that site.

  2. You know, that's one area where I'm very, very lazy. I prefer to just hang out with a wine bottle or a beer. But I think you've inspired me to try!

  3. Yum! I love the blue one at the top. My hubby's BD is coming up soon and I'm wanting to do some fun drinks when family comes over - that might just be the one - oh and the popsicles!!

  4. So drool worthy! I wanna hang out on my deck too. But am gonna be a very social butterfly this evening on...

  5. Like the fact that some of them can be made without alcohol. Years ago my hubby had a problem with booze. . .almost caused me to divorce him. But when he hit rock bottom he realized he had to get help. He's been going to AA meetings twice a week for about 10 years now and, believe me, it has saved our marriage
    So no booze allowed in my house. :D

  6. I do like the ice cube with goodies frozen inside. The ones with mint leaves would be perfect for summertime iced tea.

  7. Great idea for a feature! All of these drinks are beautiful. My favorite summer drink is iced coffee.

  8. I love the ice cubes with fruit idea, so fun!!

  9. Great selection! I would go for the raspberry mojito :)