Do You have a Hobby?

The best part about owning your own creative business, is doing what you love. You get to create and earn money on your creations.

Sometimes I think we forget that life is not all about business. Even thou we love what we do, it's still our business, and it's important to walk away and take a break every now and then.

Having a hobby, different from what you do in your creative business, is helpful in making us better business people and generally happy in our everyday life.

I love to cook! That is my hobby. Creating different meals and coming up with new ideas lets me be creative. I cook because it makes me happy, and I can share my joy of cooking with my family and friends.

When your not working on your business, what is your hobby?

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  1. Cooking is mine too! My man and I enjoy making things together in the kitchen which is always fun!

  2. Photography mostly, and I'd like to start printing some of my pics and selling them as cards along w/ my jewelry. Trying new craft projects is also another hobby. I am not much of a cook but I have been doing it more now that I'm not working.

  3. I think some of us creatives need "creative outlets" outside of our creative outlets- lol. I too love the freedom & structure of cooking. It's great to be on your feet, moving, exercising a different set of sensations than we do all day!

  4. Not sure if it is classified as a hobby, but I love to read historic fiction. It takes me away from the business of creating, but often stimulates a new creative idea while helping me to relax.

  5. I am like Diane - I like to bury myself in a good book. Reading takes me away from my real world, removes me from the stress and aggravations that prevail all around me. After reading a book I may not have any tangible item, such as a knitted sweater, or a crocheted pot holder but I do have the memory of the story, alive with its characters.

  6. Great message for today! I enjoy getting out in Milwaukee with my husband to eat out, go to museums, etc.

  7. Creative time off? What??? I am playing with wire, adapting some designs from library books. Speaking of books, I love them maybe more than beads. And, did I mention cats? Playing with the cats is also fun for me.


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!