Be Inspired - Waterfalls

Words to Inspire

“Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true.”

Idea to Inspire

Pull out your old sketchbooks or journals, and page through your designs and ideas of the past. Let your past inspire your ideas of today.

Photos to Inspire

I love waterfalls! They are are amazing force of nature, and the sound of the running water is inspiring. I would love to see and hear any one of these waterfalls. Enjoy today's collection of photos.

Source: jootix.com via Steve on Pinterest

Source: 1x.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: goo.gl via Else on Pinterest

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  1. I love waterfalls too! I do need to head into the craft room today and do some work.

  2. Gorgeous photos as always! I love that- today is the beginning of always!

  3. We have gorgeous waterfalls in our state--Oregon. I love Silver Falls near Silverton Oregon.

  4. Waterfalls are so extraordinary. Quite often, when I am near one I start expecting someone to shut it off. SO much water going to waste!

  5. These are truly amazing and inspiring photographs!

  6. Awesome photos! Listening to waterfalls is always invigorating!

  7. There is something almost hypnotic about waterfalls, whether they are small or as gigantic as the Niagara Falls, they tend to keep one spell-bound. Perhaps it's their beauty or maybe the sound of the falling water as it crescendos from its precipice to the earth below. I find I can stand and watch one for the longest time.

    Love the beautiful waterfall photos you've posted.


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