Motivation Monday

It's that time of year where you are setting goals for yourself to get through the holidays. You may be setting sales goals for your shop, personal goals for your holiday planning, even goals for gift shopping, what ever kind of goal you are setting it's time to get started.

Want to stay motivated and achieve success? Share your goal

Easy ways to share your Goal:

Tell all your family and friends - the more people you tell, the more success you will have.

Announce your goal to a networking group - having people outside of your family and friends circle is even more motivation.

The forums are another great way to put your goal out there - participate in Etsy Holiday Boot Camp and share your goal in the forums.

Write about your goals in a blog posts - that's what I did when I started 100 Days 100 Sales, I put my goal out there and now I am working hard to achieve that goal. My plan is to share my success at the end of my 100 days.

However you choose to share your goal, getting it out their will only motivate you more to achieve success. So tell everyone about your goal and have a great holiday season.

Have you shared your goal?
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  1. You are right. Stating your goals does the magic. Even plain writing them somewhere for future reference is good enough for me! I like showing the results after I'm done completing my goals but why not, I could try your idea :)

  2. Yikes. . . what a scary thought! Put it out there so you're held accountable? LOL. . . Great ideas, and I have tons of goals in my head that I really need to "put out there" so they get done! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  3. I agree that sometimes, sharing goals with people can help motivate you - as long as you tell it to the people who will encourage you. My blog is good for that, because I have AWESOME and encouraging followers (thanks for being one of them, Valerie! :D). When I post my progress on writing projects, I always get the most encouraging comments, and it helps me to keep going. :)

  4. Christmas? I am not ready!!!
    I try to share goals, but sometimes I keep them to myself if I really feel like I can't do them, sad for sure. I do try to write lists, but sometimes don't reach that goal either.

    But it does help to have a partner, someone to encourage you. So ultimately, it is good to share our goals. Others helping you always makes the goal easier to reach.

  5. True...setting is important but we must share them too...good post!!

  6. Your idea is a very good one. To think about something is one thing but to actually take the thought and voice it suddenly makes it real, a true goal to strive for and attain. It's sort of like a New Year's resolution. If you secretly want to lose 10 lbs in the New Year but you never tell anyone, well it's easy to put off that healthy eating or that exercise regime because no one but yourself knows about. But if you write it down, post it on your corkboard, tell your friends it turns a secret wish into a goal and something to work towards.

  7. Oh yeah - I can always use motivation on Monday. I have a lot of technical steps in line to reach my end of year goals. I have every bit of confidence I will meet them, mostly because I set reasonable goals. Just enough to push me hard, but not set me up for failure.


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