100 Sales 100 Days

Are you ready for a successful sales season?

I set a goal - 100 Sales in 100 Days. I bet you have a goal as well, so why don't we work together on achieving our goals? This is an invitation to individually set a goal for our shops and collectively reach that goal together.

By participating in 100 Sales / 100 Days, together we can motivate each other, stay inspired, and work together to achieve our goals.

Participation in 100 Sales / 100 Days is simple. Start by making a commitment to your shop; be willing to create a blog post every other week with your stats; and share a story about your success, a business tip, an idea, or a link.

Each of my posts will include a Linkly tool for ease of tracking each others progress and most importantly, to encourage each other towards success.

Tracking our sales starts tomorrow September 7 and runs till December 15. The first post for sharing results will be September 22. 

Look for a variety of marketing ideas each week to help you achieve your goal.

Here are my starting Etsy stats:
Etsy Sales 357
Items Sold 622
Shop Hearts 1496

You can participate in 100 Sales / 100 Days with any online shop.

Do you want to have a 100 sales? Well let do it together! List your blog or shop today and join me for a successful 2011 holiday season.

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  1. I think I'll bow out of this one as I'm working on my new shop and it has zero sales right now, very few views and even fewer hearts. :)
    I know that if anyone has enough positive energy to reach that 100 sales in 100 days it will be you. Good luck and I'll be rooting for you ... You Go Girl ! :)

  2. I'm gonna do my darndest... fingers crossed for both of us!

  3. Kim, I know we can do it together! Thanks for participating.

  4. Good luck to you, Valerie, and to everyone else who participates! :D

  5. Good luck, I'll be keeping up with reading, and hoping you are all very successful!

  6. Just heard about this and joined! Looking to bust open the sales!


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