Your Signature Motif

Do you have a signature motif?  An element that shows up over and over in your art work or a style that you use all the time that stands out as your signature motif.

We all design with a certain style in mind when we create, it may be a style that we use or come back to, that can be used to describe your style of work.

V. Design signature square with gemstone dangle
V. Design gemstone  and circle necklace with gemstone dangle

With both of my jewelry lines I have a certain style and shape that I like to work with, making my jewelry recognizable.  I love geometric shapes.

In my sterling silver collection V. Design I have mostly squares and circles.  In my hardware collection Additions most of the hardware is a geometric shape with lots of circles.
Additions signature - tiny hardware to finish off the chain
Additions signature
I also add an element to most of my pieces that is uniquely mine.  On my V. Design collection I add a gemstone drop to each necklace and bracelet.  On the Additions collection I add a tiny piece of hardware.

Even if you don't think you have a signature, you can easily come up with an idea and start making it a regular part of your artwork.  Lets say you work with rubber stamps, maybe you have one that you use all the time, add it to all your layouts and use it in different ways. If you knit you could finish off a piece with a stitch or knot that you create.

Most of the time you already have a signature, it may just take some time to identify what it is.

What is your signature motif?

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  1. With my greeting cards, it's my use of ripped up book pages. I also incorporate book pages into the photos of my maps and blank sketchbooks.

    For my maps, they are all done in the same style, and have a certain 'aging' technique that I use.

  2. I really like the hardware stuff-- super cool!
    I think what makes my stuff different is the making of non-abstract objects in wire wrap, though some of my stuff is just a pretty beaded rings, I find that my most popular pieces are the ones that are a tiny wire sculpture of something, like an animal, fruit, or symbol-- ones that I never see elsewhere in wire.

  3. hmmm this post has me thinking, I will definitely have to look, not sure I have a style signature


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