Must Have Accessories for Spring 2011

Bright colors are hot for this spring and accessories are no exception.

I pulled together a collection of accessories from Etsy that are perfect for this spring.  These Etsy artists have wonderful shops, stop by and see all they have to offer for Spring / Summer 2011.

2011 Spring Accessory Trends

Purse on a belt
Hip Bag black Leather by HomemadeBags 

Statement Necklaces

Belle Flower A Beautiful Swarovski Crystal by farilandfashions
I Want To Sparkle Tonight Necklace Reinvented by secondlookjewelry
Citrus colored bag/purses

Light lemon yellow chiffon clutch by HeidiCreations
Orange and Red Felted Wool Clutch by fuzzylogicfelt
Colorful Plastic Bangles

Swirling Turquoise and Black Resin Cuff by Beadevolution
Upcycled /Repurposed Mintage Knitting needle by sewnewthings
60's & 70's inspired Sunglasses

Vintage Sun Glasses by mrsdazo
Which accessory trend will you be adding to your wardrobe this spring?
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  1. Love that lemon yellow clutch...perfect for Spring!

  2. more girly shoes. im excited for some maroon vera wang sandals i got a couple weeks ago :)

  3. Wow, beautiful selections! Love the Sparkle Tonight Necklace...so romantic!

  4. Hello, cool blog and glad to find it via etsypreneur. Do visit mine and feel free to comment:)


  5. That citris bag is really neat!
    Spring can't get here fast enough!

  6. Those colors are great, Etsy is full of treasures!

  7. Such fun and colourful picks! Your blog is great, I found you via UEF! :)