5 Tips to avoid Procrastination

A couple of weeks ago I had a post called Multitasking or Procrastination, their were lots of great comments check it out.  Several people agreed that procrastination happens during the day more often then not.

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid procrastination:

Set a schedule - Write down everything, from meetings and appointments to listing items in you shop and writing blog posts.

Don't over commit - keep your schedule manageable and realistic. Use the word NO when necessary, and record each new task on your schedule as soon as you receive it.

Figure out what motivates you - Try to take on projects that you really want to do and will enjoy.  If you are looking forward to working on a project, it will be easy to get things done.  Also put the task that are your least favorite during the day when you have the most energy.  During that time it will be easier to take care of those tasks and you will get them done quicker.

Track your progress - Cross things off your list as you complete them.  To see items finished on your list will keep you motivated to continue your progress.

Reward your success - If you have a big project to finish break it up into action steps, and reward yourself when you complete each step.  The rewards can be simple, sleep in late, go out for coffee, take a longer break for lunch.  When you have completed the entire project reward yourself with something you want, a new book or magazine, a day off, a day with friends.

These are simple ideas you can add to your day.  Now you just have to put them into action, so that procrastination will be a thing of the past.

What do you do to avoid procrastination?

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  1. I used to be a pretty big procrastinator, but thankfully I think that's changing. :) Now I prefer to get things done as soon as possible so that I can do what I feel like doing afterwards!

  2. I'm trying to cure my procrastination. Part of it is getting myself to realize that the things I want to happen (with my shop, etc) won't happen if I'm not proactive. It's getting easier. There are still some things I'm not a fan of doing (like actually sitting down to write blog posts), and I need to figure that out, but I'm making progress :)

  3. Well listed to help procrastinators like moi!

    I actually printed this out...will try and implement from today and see how better organised I get!

    Thank you for sharing these tips!

  4. Usually I get "stuck" at my computer when I'm procrastinating (like now, for example). I have set a schedule for myself already. I get a few hours in the a.m. to work online and get chores done, then it's to my REAL work, my crocheting :) I'm getting better, but there's always room for improvement - like saying NO sometimes.

  5. I've actually just gotten to the point where I noticed that I work TOO Much some days. So, I went and made up a schedule for myself with all of my daily activities and then divided the bigger things up for just one/ weekday. I.E. I now only batch post on my blog Tuesdays, Modays are dedicated to the other blog, Wed are my crafting days, etc.. So far it's working out great!

  6. this is great!! thank you.
    I was also working on a procrastination post, because I suffered for 2 weeks of acute procrastination. Guess what, I am still working on it. Haven't quite finished. :)
    I now need to concentrate on number 5 above to motivate me to finish it!

  7. GREAT tips! Now, if only I didn't work full time...


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